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MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro
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MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro


Product Description

Ship and Sold by MICROJIG

Experience MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro trailer

MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro by MICROJIG is a new all-in-one package that has everything you need to make air-tight box joints, surgically-precise inlays, and versatile dado cuts for your next projects.

Universally compatible with any standard table saw blade, create intricate, beautiful joinery without using stacked dado blades, or complicated setups.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Perfectly-fitted dados, joinery, and inlays without measuring, marking, or test cuts.

What’s in the box?

(1) MATCHFIT Dado Stop
(1) MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp (1) MATCHFIT Setup Gauge
(1) Illustrated Instruction Booklet

Designed in the USA. A true MICROJIG Innovation.

Estimated USA Shipping 4-6 weeks. For International Orders, please email for a quote.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
3-Year Warranty