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Tapers in three simple steps.

1. SET THE ANGLE Set by degree, rise over run, or to a line.
2. SET YOUR FENCE and lock into place.
3. MAKE YOUR CUT The microdial will glide against
the fence while holding the angle you set.

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Making tapers with the<br />

Making tapers with the

Will Sampson of FDMC Magazine shows you how to use the MICRODIAL + GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock to make tapered panels. He also explains the benefits of using the MICRODIAL in your workshop compared to traditional tapering jigs.

Watch the video Watch the video


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I love it June 2013

It is a lot more useful and easy than is indicated by the ads. It is expensive but I think it is worth the money due to the variety of uses

- William J Born

I love this thing February 2014

The first day we had this jig we used it to repair a couple of chairs I had in the garage. The first use was slow as we figured out the video’s instructions. The second was very quick. We have a few more chores for this jig coming up. I am going to look good doing them. Not bad for an old man freshly retired.

- Robert Day

Well-designed, maybe overly so? April 2014

This tapering jig is well-built, well-designed, and highly versatile, with a price commensurate with its construction. However, it may be beyond what the casual woodworker really needs if all you want to do is taper a table leg. The old-fashioned homemade “V” jig, requiring only two sticks, a bolt and an adjustable cross piece will do basically the same thing. However, I had similar initial thoughts about Micro-Jigs’s GRR-Ripper push-blocks and now I can’t work without them.

- Raymond E. Stephens

Well made tapered table legs for nested tables on first … March 2015

Well made tapered table legs for nested tables on first use of jig. Detailed instructions in downloadable manual at Microjig web site and supplied dvd disc enclosed with jig. Technical help first rate by phone from Microjig home office. Safe and precise operation of jig will allow making furniture with details demanding skills made available with this devise

- Steven A. Schwid

I got to stop buying all my stuff from Amazon to many reviews. :-) June 2014

Fast order, nice item still learning about it. Well built

- Richard W. Witherow


I have used other tapering jigs, some purchased some shop made but the MICRO JIG is by far the best. I like how easy it is to set up and the way the GRR-Ripper push blocks attach to the Tapering Jig for added safety. I have already showed the setup to several of my fellow wood workers and they love it.

- Robert J. Davis

Useful and safe September 2014

As a professional woodworker I find this jig really very well designed and useful. It makes a dangerous cut very safe on the table saw.

- George L. Downing

It works, however. October 2013

This tool works as advertised, however unless you spend another $65.00 dollars (not known until after you receive the tool) there is no way to clamp the work piece to the tool.

- George Evans

Versatile and Precise August 2014

By far the most versatile and precise tapering jig on the market. I’ve tried cheaper jigs and been disappointed. This one does not disappoint.

- Willie B.

Tapering Jig February 2014

After purchasing the grr-ripper and liking it , I dropped $130 on this piece of molded plastic (against my better judgment).
Well…It was money well spent, this thing in it’s simplicity is awesome. I assembled this and proceeded to what I thought would ruin a fantastic piece of Chechen, I had 4 -18″X6″X3/4 pieces cut from a single board. I set my blade bevel at 45 deg. and set the taper jig at 5 deg and ripped four pieces what I came up with was a tapered pyramid , with all 4 sides fitting perfect . I’ve tried tapers like this before on the two piece metal square stock and wing nut junk and never had any accuracy to brag about..This thing costly as it is in my opinion is worth it …now off to cut some segmented staves for turning!


Good but some limitations May 2014

Works sliick with stock less than 24 inches long. For long stock, a bit of a challenge, extension for infeed side of table saw is one way to deal with longer stock. Saw on TV a way to do the long taper with band saw.

- lithophyte

Good quality, January 2014

The quality and design are great as expected from Micro Jig. I have not had a chance to use it, but it seems straight forward. I will update after I have time to use it.

- Steve