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Hassle-free miter bars –
build accurate table saw
sleds quickly and easily.

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Does the ZEROPLAY Miter Bar work with Shopsmith® miter tracks?

Yes! Enjoy precision sleds for the Shopsmith too!

Will the ZEROPLAY work on my miter track?

The ZEROPLAY Miter Bar System works with both ‘T’ & ‘U’ shaped miter slots. The adjustable range is between 0.73″ – 0.785″ this means the width of the miter slot in which the Miter Bar will lay must be between these ranges. In detail, the very bottom part of a ‘T’ shaped miter slot must be within this specific range as well as a ‘U’ slot. Secondly, the thickness of the ZEROPLAY miter bar is 5/16″. Specifically, this means that the miter slot must be a minimum of 5/16” in depth. Moreover, considering a ‘T’ shape miter slot the area below the hinges must be 5/16″ or greater in depth, and considering a ‘U’ shaped miter slot the depth must be 5/16″ or greater.

The ZEROPLAY Stop only works with ‘T’ shaped miter slots. All the same physical parameters apply to this product as the Miter Bar system; except of course only working on ‘T’ shaped miter slots.