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Smart Tapers Super accurate tapered cuts for your most demanding projects.


Tapers in three simple steps.

  1. SET THE ANGLE Set by degree, rise over run, or to a line.
  2. SET YOUR FENCE and lock into place
  3. MAKE YOUR CUT the MICRODIAL will glide against the fence while holding the angle you set.

Set angles by rise over run or degree – easily with the ColorMatch dials.

Use the Rise Over Run ColorMatch dial to set your taper between 0″ to 2″ with 1/16″ intervals. We provide a simple step-by-step taper formula so you can eliminate the guesswork.

Use the Degree Scale ColorMatch dial to set exact angles as low as 1/8th of degree, and expands from 0 to 10 degrees with the simple turn of the dial. Measurement markings are color-coded and lock in place, so you get the exact angle you want, quickly.


Work faster and smarter with MemoryLocks

The MemoryLocks allow you to quickly set, lock and switch between angles, saving you the time it takes of building one-off shop made jigs that may only be used once.



Attach the MICRODIAL to the 1 or 2 GRR-RIPPER Advanced models for the safest, most precise tapers you can achieve. The GRR-RIPPERs allow you to safely control your workpiece through the entire cut.

Cut legs on the table saw and route profiles on your router table with this setup. The safest, most precise way to go.

GRR-Ripper + Matchfit = Smart tapers

Craft impeccable tapered legs.

The passion of the woodworker is found in the details. It’s what makes your art come to life. Create 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-sided tapered legs with unmatched precision, control, and safety.

The MICRODIAL is available for purchase today.

Making tapers with the MICRODIAL + GRR-RIPPER

Will Sampson of FDMC Magazine shows you how to use the MICRODIAL + GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock to make tapered panels. He also explains the benefits of using the MICRODIAL in your workshop compared to traditional tapering jigs.


From DIYers to professionals alike, the MICRODIAL is the smart choice for safety. See for yourself...

Well-designed, maybe overly so?

This tapering jig is well-built, well-designed, and highly versatile, with a price commensurate with its construction. However, it may be beyond what the casual woodworker really needs if all you want to do is taper a table leg. The old-fashioned homemade "V" jig, requiring only two sticks, a bolt and an adjustable cross piece will do basically the same thing. However, I had similar initial thoughts about Micro-Jigs's GRR-Ripper push-blocks and now I can't work without them.

- Raymond E. Stephens

Great tool that made the project much easier

This jig was instrumental in my latest project tapering 3" wood carving blanks to use for a speaker stand. My blanks were 32" long and I think this is probably the maximum safe length that it could be used for. I did have to jimmy it a bit to support the weight of the blanks (my table saw isn't too big, so with a larger table, you wouldn't have to worry about this. Great tool that made the project much easier, and MUCH MUCH safer. It was pretty expensive, but I am glad I purchased. I would have wasted expensive material in trial and error without this.

- Kelly A

Well made tapered table legs for nested tables on first ...

Well made tapered table legs for nested tables on first use of jig. Detailed instructions in downloadable manual at Microjig web site and supplied dvd disc enclosed with jig. Technical help first rate by phone from Microjig home office. Safe and precise operation of jig will allow making furniture with details demanding skills made available with this devise

- Steven Schwid

I have a really old Grizzly table saw with a Biesemeyer fence and it all work together great. No more throwing away those curved

I seem to be collecting a lot of Microbial tools for my workshop. Although this look complicated, once you get into using it, it's a snap to set and use. I have a really old Grizzly table saw with a Biesemeyer fence and it all work together great. No more throwing away those curved planks. You still scrap some, but you can save part of the board instead of tossing it in the fire.

- distorteddogma

I love this thing

The first day we had this jig we used it to repair a couple of chairs I had in the garage. The first use was slow as we figured out the video's instructions. The second was very quick. We have a few more chores for this jig coming up. I am going to look good doing them. Not bad for an old man freshly retired.

- Robert Day


I have used other tapering jigs, some purchased some shop made but the MICRO JIG is by far the best. I like how easy it is to set up and the way the GRR-Ripper push blocks attach to the Tapering Jig for added safety. I have already showed the setup to several of my fellow wood workers and they love it.

- Robert J. Davis

Money Well Spent

Far and away the best tapering jig for the money. The tapering jig allows you to keep your hands clear of the saw blade while holding the stock in place, and it provides you with repeatable and accurate cuts. It is well worth the money.

- David L Winegardner

Love it !!!

Great product, now can taper anything I want !!!

- Al Palmieri Builder

I could only make it better by having an option for attaching a guid to ...

I had to make some tapers in some long legs and this was just the trick. I could only make it better by having an option for attaching a guid to allow it to run in the miter slot.

- M. Cordery

Versatile and Precise

By far the most versatile and precise tapering jig on the market. I've tried cheaper jigs and been disappointed. This one does not disappoint.

- Willie B.

While it is expensive, it is very well made ...

While it is expensive, it is very well made and saves a lot of time! Well worth the cost in time savings and allows me to attempt more complex projects.

- Rob

Great product. Makes cutting tapers incredibly easy

Great product. Makes cutting tapers incredibly easy. Wish I hadn't waited to long to purchase this.

- Ian Scofield

Five Stars

Good quality and great design with awesome flexibility.

- Roy A. Bauer

Tapering Jig

After purchasing the grr-ripper and liking it , I dropped $130 on this piece of molded plastic (against my better judgment). Well...It was money well spent, this thing in it's simplicity is awesome. I assembled this and proceeded to what I thought would ruin a fantastic piece of Chechen, I had 4 -18"X6"X3/4 pieces cut from a single board. I set my blade bevel at 45 deg. and set the taper jig at 5 deg and ripped four pieces what I came up with was a tapered pyramid , with all 4 sides fitting perfect . I've tried tapers like this before on the two piece metal square stock and wing nut junk and never had any accuracy to brag about..This thing costly as it is in my opinion is worth it off to cut some segmented staves for turning!


As Advertised, delivered promptly

This was exactly as advertised and delivered as expected.

- Kristie

Useful and safe

As a professional woodworker I find this jig really very well designed and useful. It makes a dangerous cut very safe on the table saw.

- George L.

Great item!

After building make-shift jigs and struggling with consistent cuts, I bought this and it really made these cuts much easier. Great item!

- Gary Sanford

Buy this won't be sorry

This is the tapering jig you want if you like easy to use, Safe, and accurate!

- Richard Hoskins


Micro jog does is again ! Great company great jig !

- Patrick Christopher

I love it

It is a lot more useful and easy than is indicated by the ads. It is expensive but I think it is worth the money due to the variety of uses

- William J Born

Five Stars

Great tool.

- Wirenut

Five Stars

Best jig ever, does a great job and very versatile.

- MM

Five Stars

I love it

- Zheng Yun


Super nice taper jig

- Jay G. Linn

Five Stars

You need one

- Rick

I got to stop buying all my stuff from Amazon to many reviews. :-)

Fast order, nice item still learning about it. Well built

- Richard W. Witherow

Five Stars


- Lois

Great Tool - Very Handy

Why didn't I get one of these years ago?! All of the Micro Jig stuff I have is very well built and works great. I build custom & semi-custom beer tap handles, and this jig makes my table saw work easier. You can't go wrong with anything Micro Jig makes.

- C. P.

Good quality,

The quality and design are great as expected from Micro Jig. I have not had a chance to use it, but it seems straight forward. I will update after I have time to use it.

- Steve

Microdial Manuals

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Microdial Project Plans

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