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MICRODIAL: The Most Precise Adjustable Tapering Jig

Making Stopped Tapers with the MICRODIAL Taper Jig

Make a Backgammon Board with the MICRODIAL Taper Jig

Configuring the MICRODIAL Tapering Jig with the GRR-RIP...

Easy Tapered Legs - MICRODIAL Tapering Jig Set By Angle

Calibration of the MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

Jointing a Straight Edge on a Table Saw with the MICROD...

The Most Precise, Versatile Tapering Jig - MICRODIAL

Using the MEMORYLOCK System on the MICRODIAL Tapering J...

Using the Rise/Run Gauge on the MICRODIAL Tapering Jig ...

Make Beautiful Tapered Legs up to 8-sides MICRODIAL Tap...