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dados with any
saw blade, fast.

For use with MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps,
sold separately. Check them out here >

Watch the video Watch the video
  • Perfectly-fitted dados,
    joinery, and inlays
    without measuring,
    marking, or test cuts.

    Simple and easy to use, the MATCHFIT
    Dado Stop sets the shoulders of your
    cross dado using the actual part that
    will be fitted in the dado for a perfect
    fit without measuring or test cuts. No
    hassles, no tricky measurements, just
    perfect-fitting dado cuts.

  • Using the legs as a stop,
    make your start and
    finish shoulder cuts.

    1. Use Leg #1 to cut your first shoulder.
    2. Use Leg #3 to cut your second shoulder.
    3. Clear the center.

  • Now, your inlay is a
    perfect fit. It’s that simple.

    Insert the inlay material into your workpiece,
    for a perfect-fitting dado.

    Watch the video Watch the video
  • Intricate beautiful joinery - simply done.

  • Intricate beautiful joinery - simply done.

  • Intricate beautiful joinery - simply done.

  • Use the Dado Stop as a
    crosscut stop.

    The Dado Stop can be used as a safe and effective crosscut stop.
    The precise 3” length allows you to accurately set the rip fence
    scale for repeatable, accurate cuts, fast.

The MATCHFIT Dado Stop and Dovetail Clamps
are available for purchase today.


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