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Smart hook pushblock –
the smart choice
for safety.

Harness the ultimate gripping power of the
only pushblock with smart heel hooks that
know where to grab your workpiece.

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Gravity powered smart
heel hooks – there when
you need them.

Smart hooks grab the tail end of the board to give you complete control and confidence to finish the cut. Smart Hooks automatically drop down when you need them, and instantly retract mid-board. They can also be locked into the retracted position. There when you need them – out of the way when you don’t.

Unbelievable gripping power
with Podular Green GRR-RIP.

Nothing is more unnerving than a pushpad that slips and breaks down. Our proprietary non-slip Green GRR-RIP grips like magic and lasts longer than traditional non-slip materials. The podular design is made of pods that individually compress, giving you better traction than flat pushpads. The grooves allow for wood dust and debris to escape. Easily cleaned with denatured or household rubbing alcohol.

Flip it 90 degrees – to the left or right.

Use the 90-degree Flip Guide for veneers and resawing on the bandsaw, or for beaded face frames and other special profiles against the router table fence. No matter which way you flip it, smart hooks still fall into place.

  • Flip the GRR-RIP BLOCK
    for resawing and veneers.

    Use the GRR-RIP BLOCK in the vertical position to resaw or veneer cuts firmly against the fence to prevent bandsaw drift and ensure a straight cut from beginning to end.

  • Shield your hands from the blade.

    Use the GRR-RIP BLOCK in the vertical position on the bandsaw. The Smart Hooks work in the 90 degree position eliminating the need to push the workpiece with your thumbs.

  • Extreme traction for face jointing.

    For proper and safe face jointing, you need technique, and reliable heavy-duty holding power. Strengthen your operation with our patented Green-GRIP non-slip material.

  • Safe and smart freehand and
    edge routing.

    Control your workpiece when freehand routing on your router table. Lock Smart Hooks in the retracted position out of the way of your router bit.

Protection you can
clearly see with the

Wield improved control over your workpiece for freehand routing while keeping your hands safe. Smart hooks lock in the retracted position, keeping them away from the router bit. The Deflector/Connector protects against debris and woodchips. For extra traction, use the Deflector/Connector to bridge two GRR-RIP BLOCKs together when handling larger material like raised panel doors.

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Questions? Call 1-855-RIP-SAFE (747-7233)

International: 1-407-696-6695