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Smart hook pushblock –
the smart choice
for safety.

Harness the ultimate gripping power of the
only pushblock with smart heel hooks that
know where to grab your workpiece.

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A quick look at the features and<br />
benefits of the GRR-RIP BLOCK.

A quick look at the features and
benefits of the GRR-RIP BLOCK.

Ralph Bagnall of Consulting Woodworker explains the benefits of using the GRR-RIP BLOCK in your workshop versus traditional pushblocks. Ralph demonstrates the unique features and versatility of the GRR-RIP BLOCK.

Watch the video Watch the video


Five Stars May 2015

GREAT tool, for saving me from getting heart

- B. Stash

For modeling, I use a mini hobby table say… December 2014

For modeling, I use a mini hobby table say (from Jim Byrnes). Even on a 4″ mini table saw, I’ve been very nervous for my fingers. This Micro Jig product is a godsend – no more tinkering with feather boards, etc., and my fingers stay far and away from the spinning blade. 5 stars all around.

- Beastie Boy "Always on vacation"

After using this, I discarded all my other push blocks. April 2015

After using this, I discarded all my other push blocks. This one is so much better and safer than the other kind.

- Crunch

Five Stars March 2015

I really like

- Aries

Great safety device November 2014

A number of years ago, when I was first setting up my woodworking shop, I bought a GRipper 200 push block. The nicks in the push block are stark evidence of what would have happened to my fingers. I am VERY safety conscious and keep my fingers and hands as far away from spinning blades as I can. That’s I was interested why when I saw that GRR-ipper had created a flat push block. I use it for my band saw (resawing), my router table (boy those bits spin fast) and of course for my table saw. I highly recommend it. And just an FYI… I use these products to keep my hands and fingers 6 inches away away from spinning blades because I don’t have a table saw with a “brake”. And I don’t know if touching the spinning blade of that brand with one of these would trigger the braking mechanism. I’ll have to ask the next time I see one of those demonstrations.

- Honest Reviewer

Five Stars March 2015

good for finger protection.

- Ward K. Good

best item ever! March 2015

The one way to make sure your fingers are safe is with this item.


Great Item April 2014

great item for workshop to hold items down
makes it much more safe when using with table
saw, planner and other equipment

- Gene Clements

Top Notch Customer Service! March 2015

I own several of their products and love’em. I bought one of these GB-1’s a while back because I knew it would be the best grip of all my push pads. (except my other GRR-riper) The drop down hooks are winners too on this model to help especially on the jointer where you need a light push fwd on with the right hand a firm push down with the left hand. One of the 4 hooks was broken and wouldn’t retract out of the way when I needed it too. Honestly I am not sure it it was like that from the start when I bought it or if it broke some time along the way? It was bugging me last week as I was trying to use it on the router so that evening I finally emailed Micro Jig asking if they could send me a part? Is it under a warranty? well with in 24 hours they apologized for the defect thanking me for being a great customer and that they would send a replacement ASAP. Well two days later I got not the part to fix myself, but a whole new GB-1! It makes me feel good that I have purchased several excellent products from them and when something finally went wrong with one of them they stepped up and took care of it, no questions asked…Make it right! Winner products….Winner Company!

- FB "fbtool"

Protection. March 2015

Save your fingers.

- Picky computer user

A very good accessory to have for the workshop January 2015

A very good accessory to have for the workshop…

- Frank Yazzetta Jr.

Much Safer Than Foam Blocks. Love These! January 2015

I have two of these and use them all the time on my Jointer, Router Table and Table Saw.

Sometimes I use the gravity fingers to help pull the wood through and other times I use the rubber alone. I love these. I started with one and bought the second. All my other push blocks, especially those with foam are in a box in the cellar. Gone are the days where the foam gets dusty and slippery and I’m struggling to get a piece through the cutter. That is simply too dangerous!

- T. Beaulieu

Five Stars December 2014

Great safety device. I need to buy a couple of more so I can one for each machine.

- george wilmore

Excellent grip. December 2014

Excellent grip. I only use this for wide pieces on the table saw since it does not elevate your hand from the workpiece like the MicroJig GRRipper. I find the plastic tabs that drop down to be unnecessary because the rubber pad holds onto the work so well.

- Andrew K.

Five Stars September 2014

The best at what it does. Period.

- Mike

Just what I was looking for. November 2014

Arrived quickly and is just what I was looking for. The typical pushers have a foam pad that only works for a limited time. This one grips very well and looks like it will last a long time.

- J. Decarli

I am very pleased. This push block keeps your hands safe and … March 2015

This is my first purchase from this company. I am very pleased. This push block keeps your hands safe and your work firmly secured.

In my opinion, I paid a high price, but I will pay that price again for similar products from Micro Jig because I don’t want any nicknames like “Three-Fingered Jake” or “Uncle Stumpy.”

- Stephen Shastay

very nice to have around and great when it comes to … October 2014

Very well made, very nice to have around and great when it comes to saving your finger tips from getting cut off.

- jeff

Five Stars July 2014

Should of got this a long time ago use it every day.

- Ed

Great product March 2014

I feel much more safe when using both band saw and table saw now that I can push down over the blade. This is my second one as it really helps to have two for longer pieces of wood.

- Lorne E. Basskin

No kidding Safety Improvement February 2014

I cannot begin to tell you how much safer this tool makes working with small pieces on my table saw. The real value to me is in use with my router table. I gotta get another – you really need one for each hand if the piece is much larger than the tool itself.

- David

very neat item January 2014

I use this on my table saw in my little shop. I used to make my push blocks, as my INDUSTRIAL ARTS teacher in hi school taught me. is nice to keep all 10 fingers / etc. the grip pad is very secure. have not used it a lot as I just received it, hope the grip pad continues to grip as it gets saw dust on it. the drop down levers are a great idea as well.


If you can get over the price you will love these November 2013

The rubber bottom is very tacky and grips work better than any other push blocks I have used. The drop lugs are a great feature that no other push block offers. They are on the larger size and sometimes I wish they made a smaller size. I think they are definitely worth the high price.

- DaveM

Great safety item! November 2013

I have several Micro Jig fixtures and love them all. I have been using this on my joiner and it works great – sticks to the wood and does not slip and the handle is very ergonomic. I had planned on using only one along with my old paddle but it worked so great and I felt a lot safer so I decided to buy another to use as a pair. It is not a Amazon prime item but I got it in record time.

- Forest Man

Rock Solid Push Block – Long overdue in the field. October 2013

This product is so simple, so obvious…push blocks have been around for hundred+ years. In this case, it’s
simply a “better mousetrap.” Flawless design and excellent manufacturing execution. The 4 gravity drop lips can be locked up for long board work, a nice feature, but they slide inward nicely when not at the board end. The lip locks are ideal when holding the push blocks perpendicular to the table surface, such as re-sawing. This IMO is a long awaited feature in push blocks, hard to fathom it took this long for such an obvious and useful feature.

The material used, is a lightweight plastic, but appears to be VERY strong, a good choice. The handles are extremely thick and ROBUST, easy to get a good grip on vs. many cheap push blocks whose handles are way to thin. The handles are angled just-right. The non slip pad has excellent traction, hopefully the pads will stand the test of time. Possibly, the manufacturer has designed the pads to be replaced if needed. Should be interesting to see how long this excellent traction lasts.

My only suggestion would be, sell them in a 2pk as most people buy two.

My purchases was from WordWerks through Amazon. A great partnership IMO. WWerks has always been a 1st class e-tailer in my experience, always fair shipping rates, and timely shipping as well. I am glad they have teamed with Amazon. Hopefully WWerks will start offering more products through Amazon, and allow Amazon to do their fulfillment so they can benefit from Amazon Prime membership. Lets face it, Amazon has the internet mail order business down to a science. Only a few ww companies have embraced this so far, such as Rockler and Woodcraft, and both on a very small scale.

A final word…. this product is on the high end of pricing for push blocks…but push blocks are a safety item in the wood shop. A push block slipping off the wood, slipping off the end of the board, etc, can not only reduce the quality of the milling, but it can also cause an accident. It “sometimes” takes a lot of pressure to push the wood through certain milling tasks. A product like this will last you a life time. So, save money in other areas of ww, as all ww’s should think SAFETY FIRST! And remember, the best push blocks in the world won’t stop your shirt sleeves from entering a rotating cutter, the most obvious being the jointer. Make sure your sleeves are rolled up and are a safe distance away from the blade / cutter! In the ww shop, the old adage surely applies, “an ounce of prevention is worth 50lbs of cure!” (sorry for the safety rant)

Highly recommended product.

- funbear