GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System

MJ Splitter

The 1/8" Leg

If you are a magician in the woodshop, the 1/8” Leg makes you a surgeon. The new 1/8” Leg for the GRR-Ripper is your scalpel on the table saw. A woodworker knows that the eye-catching details are what make a project truly stand out. With the 1/8” Leg, reach new levels of excellence and achieve new dimensions of accuracy.


With the newest installment from Micro Jig, you can make rips as thin as one eighth of an inch without breaking a sweat. Before the GRR-Ripper, this level of control and surgical precision would have been virtually impossible for manual feeding. Now, producing consistent, clean, safe, and controlled cuts is a reality for thousands of workshops around the world. What are you waiting for, Dr.?

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Gravity Heel

The Gravity Heel is a fully adjustable heel with auto-retracting technology that provides superior pushing power, hooks the tail-end of your workpiece and automatically retracts mid-board. The unique design provides extra leverage to help push through the cut and prevent blowout. Fits all existing GRR-RIPPERs and engineered to use on table saws, router tables, jointers and bandsaws for safe and smart use.

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MJ Handle Bridge

The MJ Handle Bridge virtually eliminates the need for handle adjustments by enhancing the distribution of balanced pressure through its patent pending arch design. Furthermore, the MJ Handle Bridge expands the utility of the GRR-Ripper for adding the MJ Deflector/Connector, shop-built jigs, and future Micro Jig accessories.

Providing balanced downward pressure on both sides of the stock is key to better control of the stock during most table saw operations. Before the MJ Handle Bridge, you would need to readjust the GRR-Ripper handle directly over the cut line to maintain this balanced pressure on both the keeper piece and the off-cut piece. Although this is a very effective method of operation, we understand that it may be inconvenient to continuously realign the handle according to your cut.

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MJ Deflector/Connector

The MJ Deflector/Connector works seamlessly with the GRR-Ripper and MJ Handle Bridge. The MJ Deflector/Connector expands the capabilities of your GRR-Ripper. Use as a chip deflector for routing or bridge two GRR-Rippers® together when tackling larger stock. You will find there are many useful applications to this new addition to the GRR-Ripper System. This accessory is constructed of thick translucent polycarbonate and designed with a handy built-in Magnifier for quick inspection.

The MJ Deflector/Connector is designed so it easily snaps into the GRR-Ripper Handle Bridge mounts for quick use. Just Snap it on, GRR-Rip it, and Rip it.

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MJ Handle Bridge & Deflector/Connector Combo Kit

Our MJ Handle Bridge Set and MJ Deflector/Connector is also availble in a convenient combo package.


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GRR-Ripper Upgrade Kit

Turn Your Basic GRR-Ripper Model to our Advanced GRR-Ripper Model. The advantages of the Advanced Model GRR-Ripper are as follows:

  • More gripping surface for larger stock
  • Enhanced control for smaller trickier work pieces
  • Cut irregular-shaped stock with ease
  • Add shop-built jigs for limitless customization

Don’t be held back. Experience all what the GRR-Ripper Control System has to offer.

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Replacement Parts - Free Shipping!

Knicked into the GRR-Ripper or completely chewed it up? No Worries! It's easier to replace a GRR-Ripper leg than it is a finger! (not to mention less painful) Also, you can order all the other parts you may need, o-rings and all.

To order replacement parts for your GRR-Ripper System, please click the following link to our Price List and fill out an order form or call us at (407) 696-6695.