GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System

Unmatched Control. Total Confidence.

GRR-Ripper Pushblock - Table Saw Safety

Experience the confidence of total control over your work piece with the GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System. Traditional pushing devices such as regular push blocks, push stick, magnetic feather boards, etc. only affect one to two control forces, either pushing forward or pinning down. The GRR-Ripper is the only product on the market that will simultaneously control all 3-Directional forces: balanced downward pressure on the table, forward pressure through the blade, and pressure against the fence. It is only with this level of control will you be able to safely make cuts that are consistent in quality.

Parallel Feeding. Smoother Results.

GRR-Ripper Pushblock

With its unique 3-Leg design, the GRR-Ripper feeds both the keeper piece and the off-cut piece parallel to the fence by straddling the saw blade. The ingenious adjustable center leg creates a tunnel for the saw blade to pass accommodating for a variety of cuts and allows for smooth continuous feeding. The results are cleaner cuts without burning or scaring.

Unparalleled Safety. It's Worth Every Finger.

GRR-Ripper Pushblock

We have a vision of accident free woodworking. With safety as the over riding factor, we aver that the GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System is not intended to replace or interfere with the saw table blade-guard/splitter combination. It is specifically designed for those times when the conventional combination of a blade-guard and anti-kick back pawls would interfere with the wood working process especially during narrow ripping. With its rigid tunnel design and superior gripping material, the work piece is feed parallel to the fence where the stock is unable to catch the rear-rising teeth of the saw blade. The GRR-Ripper virtually eliminates the occurrence of kickback. The GRR-Ripper System is also designed to protect both hands - at all times during use - regardless of movement. The GRR-Ripper becomes an unyielding barricade between the saw blade and your hands. There is more value to the GRR-Ripper than just making great cuts. It’s worth every finger.

Ripping Longer Stock. No Burning.

GRR-Ripper Pushblock

For ripping longer stock, two GRR-Rippers are essential. The math is simple. If you want to protect both of your hands, you’re going to need a GRR-Ripper for each hand. Having two GRR-Rippers allow you to continuously feed the long stock without stopping or pausing and there is no limit to the length of cut. Stopping in the middle of a cutting operation is going burn your stock. The GRR-Rippers eliminates these scars because the unique tunnel allows the saw blade to pass through without interrupting the maneuver. Moreover, with the GRR-Rippers you are shielding both hands from the exposed saw blade. Save ten fingers with two GRR-Rippers.

Unlimited Versatility. Personal Customization.

GRR-Ripper Pushblock - Edge Trimming

The GRR-Ripper System is designed to easily accept add-on accessories and user-built jigs with endless configuration possibilities. These accessories are limited only by the end-user’s imagination; many such examples are illustrated throughout this web site. We have developed numerous accessories designed to further enhance the convenience and usability of GRR-Ripper System. Its unique design makes the GRR-Ripper compatible with numerous workshop machines. Although, the GRR-Ripper excels at many shop operations from ripping narrow stock to re-sawing on a band saw, you can easily build personally customized jigs for the GRR-Ripper to fit your unique style of woodworking. See all the accesories for the GRR-Ripper Control System.

Rigid Frame. Green GRR-Rip® Power.


    The GRR-Ripper’s highly durable frame is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and rigor of a professional workshop without compromising safety or performance. Our proprietary blend of non-slip material known as **Green GRR-Rip®** delivers powerful gripping strength to give you complete control of your work piece.