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Three directions of force
gives you superior precision,
control and safety.

1. DOWNWARD Virtually eliminates kickback
2. INWARD Keeps stock firmly against the fence
3. FORWARD Controls and feeds both sides of
the stock for cleaner cuts

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How do I use the GRAK-404 Upgrade Kit for the GRR-RIPPER?

Here’s a short video showing many of the great uses for the GRAK-404 Upgrade Kit AKA the Stabilizing Plate and Adjustable Spacer.

Can I use the 1/8" Leg with the GR-100?

Yes! In fact, the 1/8″ Leg fits all existing GRR-RIPPER models.

How can I get replacement legs for my GRR-RIPPER?

They’re available for purchase online, in-store or at an authorized online retailer. Shop Now or Find a Retailer

Where can I buy the GRR-RIPPER in Australia?

Please take a look at our Find a Retailer page and scroll to the bottom and click “International Retailers” to see a list of our Australian dealers near you. Many outside retailers also offer shipping to Australia.

What's the difference between the B and Y models of the GRR-RIPPER?

The only difference between the black and yellow models is color, and parts are interchangeable. Every GRR-RIPPER, and GRR-RIPPER replacement part since the end of 2014 has been all yellow.