GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System

Control. Safety. Precision. Confidence.

The Safest, Most Precise Pushblock

Without control, there is no safety.
Only with total control over your work piece can you safely complete precision cuts on your table saw. The GRR-RIpper is not some simple push block. The GRR-Ripper is a unique precision guidance and stock control system designed to feed your wood through your table saw blade with far more safety and accuracy than could ever be possible with bare hands and conventional push blocks. With the GRR-Ripper's 3-directional control, you can safely exert downward, forward, and lateral pressure on the stock for maximum control and safety. You will enjoy improved accuracy, less wasted materials and a new ease in completing projects. All this is possible with a level of safety far beyond that of simple notched sticks or their bargain-bin substitutes.

Best of all, GRR-Ripper's patented design eliminates any need for bare-hand feeding. Rather than acting as a saw guard that is affixed to the back of the table saw, or that hovers above it, the GRR-Ripper not only firmly holds your stock but serves as a movable saw guard, traveling with your hands as a rugged barricade protecting them from the blade. Maximizing the use of your materials no longer has to compromise your safety, and remember too, this safety factor comes with the huge bonus of truly better cuts. Seeing is believing. See GRR-Ripper in action on the videos throughout this site. We trust you will decide to opt for safety and accuracy

NEW for the GRR-Ripper - The 1/8" Leg


Cutting small pieces on the table saw just got safer. Make precise accurate cuts safely with the GRR-Ripper without moving the fence. Make consistent quality rips as thin as an 1/8" with the optional 1/8" Leg Accessory all day long with consistent dimension and without burning.

1/4" Ripping Comes Standard


The GRR-Ripper comes readily equiped to handle extremely small and narrow stock allowing you to rip and dimension down to a 1/4" by 1/4" - try that with a pushstick. Working with small pieces on the table saw safely is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you and the GRR-Ripper can accomplish.

Bevel Trimming

GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock

The GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System makes tricky cuts like bevel trimming simple and safe.

Ripping Irregular-Shaped Stock

Irregular Shaped Stock

Even when working with irregular-shaped stock, by using the edge of GRR-Ripper as a guide surface against the fence you can create a straight-line rip.

Router Table Guide


Use the GRR-Ripper on the router table for maximum control and safety when free-hand or pattern routing, full-profile routing without snipe, slotting, and almost anything else you can think of on a router table. This way you keep your hands clear from the router bit and get the clean results that you want.

Face Jointing


With its superior gripping non-slip material, the GRR-Ripper makes jointer feeding safer with less chance of slipping. Let's not kid ourselves, those jointer blades are scary.

Resawing Safely


Resaw on a table saw with total control over the workpiece using the GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System. Virtually eliminates burn, keeps fingers protected, and greatly reduces the chance of kickback.

Band Saw Safety


The powerful gripping surface of the GRR-Ripper keeps your hands safe on the band saw when doing veneer work. Band saw safety was never so easy.

See How Many Different Uses You Can Find...

Bottom line is the GRR-Ripper will greatly improve your productivity and reduce waste in your shop. Its will keep your fingers away from the saw blade or cutters and give you the control and confidence you need in your wood shop.


What Real Woodworkers are saying...


"One of my all-time favorite safety items, Micro Jig's GRR-Ripper...It let's you do things that normally wouldn't be very safe especially here on the table saw...It's incredibly stable and it's very safe and I've got a lot of protection between my hand and the blade itself and a lot of support."

- Marc Spagnoulo (The WoodWhisperer) Click here for full video review

Our 3 Favorite Table Saw Safety Gadgets - WOOD

Wood Magazine

"Ripping narrow strips or narrow stock can be a challenge. The GRR-Ripper pushblock, makes those jobs easy...Push work pieces while keeping your hands well away from the blade." - WOOD Magazine, Sept 2011 Issue

Click here to read full article.

Matt's Basement Workshop Podcast

Matt's Basement Workshop

"It's made me feel far more comfortable when using my powertools. I LOVE IT! Why do I love it? One very specific reason…I feel safe and in control of my stock while using it. How many times can you say that about a tool that can be the difference between injury and a great day in the shop?"

- Matt Vanderlist (Matt's Basement Workshop) Click here for video review.

GRR-Ripper Fans all over the World!


"I immediately feel much safer using this unique product. The concept is so simple, yet so well engineered. Even my wife has a much greater comfort level with my use of the saw and the router table." - Jack S.

"I wish I would have found your product before I lost a finger tip on my table saw!" - Dennis P.

"Used it for the first time today. Hand feeding my high speed shaper is much safer now. Super safety item for the home workshop." - Don B.


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