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Tool Review - The GRR-Ripper

By: Trition Club Newsletter August 2004

"Because it can be adjusted in so many different configurations, the Grr-Ripper has the ability to cut a wide range of different width timbers."

The Grr-Ripper is a hand tool, which aims to replace all your push sticks. It’s attraction comes from it’s ability to feed and hold both pieces of stock past the saw blade together, thereby avoiding the tendency of the off-cut to creep away from the blade. This greatly reduces any chance of recut damage after the stock has left the feather-board or in the case of the Triton, the plastic arm on the protractor.

Shown above, the Grr-Ripper has rubber pads on it’s under side which hold the stock while hand pressure is kept forward and sideways on to the fence as you feed through the blade.

You’ll note immediately that the usual Triton safety guard has been removed. This is a feature of the Grr-Ripper, which is initially slightly alarming. The blade actually passes under the Grr-Ripper, through the ‘tunnel’ created by the adjustable centre support arm.

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ToolReview - Wish List

By: Carl Duguay: Canadian Woodworking Magazine - Dec/Jan 2004 Vol. 6/No. 6 Page 38

"One of the features that impressed me the most is its ability to feed both parts of the board parallel through the saw blade."

GRR-RIPPER: The Adjustable Push Block System

Ripping stock on the table saw, particularly small dimension material is one of the most likely ways to nip a bit of flesh, or worse. Some woodworkers opt to cobble together their own push sticks or blocks. Others purchase off the shelf items to facilitate this task. One of the drawbacks common to all of these accessories is that your hands are still exposed to the saw blade. Push sticks really don’t hold stock all that securely, even when used in conjunction with a feather board.

Henry Wang, at Micro Jig Inc, has designed what is probably the safest and most versatile push block on the market: the GRR-Ripper. Henry refers to it as a ‘push block system’, and that’s what it is. I’ve been using the GRR-Ripper for the past three months, and really like the product. One of the features that impressed me the most is its ability to feed both parts of the board parallel through the saw blade. You’ll really appreciate this when ripping thin stock or veneer. As configured, it handles stock as narrow as ¼” wide, and with a bit of improvisation, as narrow as 1/8”. You can cut stock quickly with complete accuracy. All without the use of a feather board! Another superb feature of the GRR-Ripper is the non-slip sole. It’s molded from thermal plastic elastomer and grips stock securely. Because of it’s superb grip, you don’t even have to use your table saw’s splitter. You can also use the GRR-Ripper when profiling small stock on a table-mounted router. Your hands ride on top of the GRR-Ripper. That way they are completely protected from the blade. Notice how the blade runs in a channel between the two support arms. Both side of the stock are held securely as you cut.

There is a bit of time required to adjust the GRR-Ripper when you use stock of different dimensions. But once you get the knack of adjusting the push block, it goes pretty smoothly. Besides, the significantly increased safety and security easily offsets any extra adjustment time. In fact I’d like to see use of the GRR-Ripper mandatory in all school wood shop programs.

I would recommend getting two GRR-Rippers. That way you can use them in tandem for long stock.Durably made, the GRR-Ripper comes with a well-written assembly/instruction manual. That’s important because the unit comes disassembled The web site is also very informative and shows hot to get the most from this innovative, and indispensable shop accessory.

Getting your grip on the GRR-Ripper is easy (call 407-696-6695 or visit and affordable (approx. $65). Warranted for one year.




Australian Wood Review - The GRR-Ripper

"It also transports the workpiece and the off-cut past the sawblade when ripping & It can be used to feed wood on the panel planer and long pieces can be fed using two GRR-Rippers."

This useful safety aid is designed to feed wood on surface planers, ripsaws, bandsaws, spindle moulders and routers. These machines are possibly on top of the hit list for danger potential. The GRR-Ripper I tested felt a tad bulky at first, and I thought the handle was too far above the workpiece, but these misgivings were quickly offset by its great features.

The device requires some assembly, and is designed to be adjustable for different applications. Your machinery must have a long fence for it to be effective. It’s essentially a pushblock, but has the added advantage of holding the work parallel to the tool at all times. It also transports the workpiece and the off-cut past the sawblade when ripping.& It can be used to feed wood on the panel planer and long pieces can be fed using two GRR-Rippers. It keeps the hands well clear when cutting veneer on the bandsaw.

I was happy ripping softwood up to 20mm thick with only the plastic friction pad in use. For hardwood and thicker materials I felt the need for the plate attachment with the hook to push the wood along. A plywood piece can also be attached with a T-bolt to either end of this handy tool to assist the forward movement of the workpiece. I particularly like the possibilities on the spindle moulder and router. We are going to use this device in our training workshop whenever we do stopped work on these machines. For $140 it’s a good investment.


The GRR-Ripper by Micro Jig (Translated to English)

Published in Rénovation-Bricolage
November 2004 issue Vol. 29 Page 71

"The main advantage of this accessory is to apply the three necessary directional forces for a safe cut; the downward pressure holding the part on the table saw top, a lateral force holding the part against the fence, and the feeding force to push the part forward."

The usage of a table saw bears certain risks especially when you need to remove the protection equipment (blade guard or splitter) to achieve certain type of cuts. You’ll be happy to learn that Micro Jig designed a very interesting product to make those types of cuts a lot safer.

The GRR-Ripper is a push block made out of 3 legs covered with an anti-slip surface.
The center leg, wider than the two outside ones slides from left to right to allow a passage for the blade. It sits on the piece to cut and carry it with its off-cut all the way behind the blade. The main advantage of this accessory is to apply the three necessary directional forces for a safe cut; the downward pressure holding the part on the table saw top, a lateral force holding the part against the fence, and the feeding force to push the part forward. Rip cuts of as small as 1/4 wide become a kid’s game. More, your fingers stay away from the blade throughout the whole cut.
The GRR-Ripper is also useful on the router table, the jointer, or any other tool where the manipulation of a piece of wood can be dangerous. The base model GR-100 (70$) is basically the push block itself (as shown) but the advanced model GR-200 (90$) includes additional accessories to make it a lot more convenient. A DVD (in English only) is also available to explain the variety of usages where the GRR-Ripper can be useful.

The GRR-Ripper is presently available at Langevin Forest (Montreal), Outils Pierre
Berger (La Prairie), Centre d’Électricité Jérômien (Saint-Jérôme), Outillage Placide Mathieu (Beloeil). You can also visit the Internet website of the manufacturer for more information at (in English only).

Translated By: Benoit Bissonnette
Photo: Pierre Halmaï

The GRR-Ripper

By: Craig Bentzley

"I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that works wood with machinery."

I guess it’s time that I give you some feedback on the Grr-Rippers that I have been using for a couple of months now. Because I have been woodworking for 30 years, I feel comfortable performing many operations on my tools that a novice might not even consider. Obviously, until recently, I’ve always had to rely on devices of my own design and manufacture to accomplish many jobs. Therefore, I must mention right up front that I am always skeptical when a new gadget enters the market proclaiming to be “the best thing since…”.

The first task I performed using the Grr-Rippers (GR’s after this) was to rip (30) 1/8” thick by ¼” wide by 16” long poplar strips for use in my daughter’s dollhouse. The GR did a great job and allowed me to maximize my material usage and do it at a comfort level that I probably could not have achieved with my conventional push sticks. The only improvement that I can conceive is a thinner version of the ¼” fence. Mine measured exactly .250” when I started this job. Let’s just say it is slightly less than that now.

The second job I performed was to prepare stock for some off-center turned Queen Anne table legs. These were 2-1/2” square x 30” long blanks which required a ¼” stopped rip on two sides (it’s a long story). I needed to have the ripped faces as smooth as possible. I used a brand-new Forrest blade and a ganged GR set-up. Normally, I would have used a couple of feather boards, turned off the saw before removing the blank, and probably still have a fair amount of sanding to do to the 6” long pommel section of the blank. With the GR set-up, I was able to do the rips without any other appliances and I was able to lift the blank up off of the rotating blade (not recommended for amateurs). This saved a lot of time and also gave me virtually perfect cheeks on my pommels.

The third job was to bead some table aprons on the router table and the GR gang set-up worked well.

Last night I had to rip (slice) some 1/16” veneer from some curly maple stock on my band saw. I was working with some 5/4” material that was 4” wide x 10” long. A single GR laid on its side did a really great job, and again, I achieved maximum yield from my material.

All in all, I have to say that the Grr-Ripper is a pretty slick product. I don’t think it will replace all of my push sticks, but it is a real problem solver in a lot of tricky situations. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that works wood with machinery.

Thanks for turning me on to this product. I can’t wait to see the taper jig. Please keep me tuned in.

- Craig Bentzley

CRAIG BENTZLEY, a woodworker for over 30 years, resides in southeastern Pennsylvania. His area of interest is the restoration, and reproduction of 18th-century American furniture. He has authored articles for Rodale's American Woodworker magazine, and has also been a contributor to several popular woodworking books published by Rodale and Taunton Press. He is active in the woodworking community, giving demonstrations and seminars for local guilds and stores.

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GRR-Ripper Review

Testimonials from Real Customers

Just wanted to let you know that I installed the splitter that you mailed us on one of our table saws and it works perfectly with the Gripper system. I wanted to thank you again for making such a good product. We use it daily and I am so thankful for the way it makes things so much safer for my students. You have a wonderful product that I don't know how I survived without it before! Thanks again.
- T. O'Loughlin (Department of Industrial Technology Independence)

...After 30 years of building furniture with veneer and in-lay, finally a tool that will help me cut veneer strips effortlessly. Thanks to the GRR-Ripper's ability to securely hold down and advance the veneer strip on my table saw with no shattering…it simplifies my woodworking life by a big margin…
- Adolph Schneider (New Jersey)

The winner of the May raffle prize was Lee Weberg. The raffle prize this month has been donated by Henry Wang, inventor and owner of Micro Jig Inc. Henry has donated a very unique and versatile pushing jig for table saw, router table and jointer use. Several of us saw the GRR-Ripper model GR-200 demonstrated at the Woodworking Show in February. In addition to providing safety features for sawing and routing operations, the tool improves the control and therefore the accuracy that is especially beneficial when cutting smaller pieces…(Micro Jig) company is working to solve real problems by inventing innovative tools for the woodworking community.
- A. Clapp (WWG Newsletter)

…My table saw kicked back a board on me two years ago that left me very sore and black and blue from chest to my stomach. Thanks to the way the Grr-Ripper supports and holds a board on both sides of the cut, kickbacks are virtually eliminated…
- L. Woods (Apopka, FL)

… Currently, I'm instructing individuals on the very basics of using power tools and creating simple wood projects. Safety is a large concern and now by using this incredible safe product, my concern around the table saw is all but gone. This is an amazing product that offers incredible safe operation around my table saw and jointer…Every shop should have many of these GRR-Rippers.
- G. Phillips (Ontario, Canada)

We use your product here at our woodworking school, American Sycamore Woodworkers’ Retreat.  Love it…highly recommend it…my students love using it and I know it is safe,,,,thanks, 
D. and M. Van Pelt

Letter from a Blind Woodworker:

I'm a blind hobbyist woodworker, have been using table saws for about 30 years. I was talking the other day with another blind woodworker (professional cabinetmaker) and telling him about the Grr-Ripper, and how it seemed to have been designed for use by blind woodworkers. He suggested I send you a note, and I thought this advice was excellent.

I've always enjoyed the challenge of ripping boards on my saw, although must admit the feeling of 'excitement' included a fair amount of anxiety. Customarily, once a board got down to less than 3" wide, I no longer considered it a candidate for ripping - too narrow and too scary for me.

I heard about the Grr-Ripper a year or so ago, and purchased 2 of them from Woodcraft about 9 months ago. I love this product! I never rip any boards now without using my Grr-Ripper, whether they're 10" wide or 1" wide. The product helps me feel safe, the quality of my cuts is superior to my pre-Grr-Ripper days, and I'm now ripping those 1/4" strips when there's a need to do so! Scraps of narrow wood I've had set-aside for years are now being put to good use.

Just visited your web site as I do on occasion. My next purchases will be the MJ Splitter and the Grr-Ripper DVD. I occasionally collaborate with a sighted friend, and he'll be able to watch the DVD and describe the different applications to me. I'm also awaiting more information on the MJ tapering jig, evidently anticipated for release some time in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
Thanks for enriching my safety and confidence, and helping improve the quality of my cuts. I'm saving money because I'm now using all the lumber I purchase, and my 'scrap pile' is becoming a thing of the past.

- D. Albrektson, (Jamestown, RI)

… Here is my initial review (0f the GRR-Rippers):
They are well made and the flexibility of the configuration of them are something. The assembly was easy and the pads on the bottom of each leg REALLY hold the stock very well. The DVD is well worth the money as they go through how to assemble it, how to use it on the various tools and cover the safety aspects of the GRR-Ripper during use…You can see that the newly ripped edge of the board is smooth and free of saw marks. A nice improvement of cut quality for ripping such a short piece of wood. I also noticed that the safety factor on this type of cut is very much improved over hand feeding and carrying the off-cut piece through the entire cut process is great as well since I don't have to worry about the off-cut floating around the spinning saw blade…On the router table they work equally well. The control of cut is very good and no snipe marks on the tail end of the boards. This alone made me happier.

On the jointer, I did notice that I had better control of the wood and my hands and fingers were noticeably at a safer distance that previously feeding by hand. I also noticed that there was less vibration to my hands during the jointing process as the pads on the feet absorbed a good bit of the vibration while the wood was being jointed.

Overall, I would say that the GRR-Ripper is a very good purchase and by adding to the safety factor on each of the power tools I tested them on is enough to save me on possible future hospital bills…Now if I can just stay in the habit of using them!!!!
- D. Peacock (Arkansas)

I was a skeptic, bought two at a show and became a convert. My shop-made pushstick is enjoying retirement in the scrap box.
- Jesse C.

I would make the purchase again in a heartbeat. Have used them on the Jointer, Router table, and Table Saw so far..... as big as my paws are, I have to keep track of every square inch of skin, man!
Excellent Purchase / Bang for the buck!
- Greg D.

Take this from an eight fingered table saw operator. YYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS
- R. Gordon


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