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Three directions of force
gives you superior precision,
control and safety.

1. DOWNWARD Virtually eliminates kickback
2. INWARD Keeps stock firmly against the fence
3. FORWARD Controls and feeds both sides of
the stock for cleaner cuts

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Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac Cool Tools - DIY Network amazon.com 4.8 Customer Reviews Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Proven by the pros and over
250,000 of the smartest
woodworkers worldwide.

Pros, woodworkers, contractors and DIYers alike agree. Highly recommended by leading industry publications like Wood Magazine, and received a 100% score when tested by Handy. And with a 4.6 star rating among Amazon reviewers, you know you will be joining over 250,000 of the smartest woodworkers in the world.

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Factur is a member-driven fabrication laboratory and coworking space that serves as a creative home in which people work, learn and build a community rooted in science, art and technology. We paired up with the members of Factur to provide an added level of precision, control, and safety to their workshop. See what they have to say in the video.

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Can I say awesome! February 2012

This product is a MUST HAVE FOR ANY SHOP! NO it does not replace the safety of a blade guard splitter system, but it gives you all the control that you need to get that work piece past the blade without having any issues!

- Amazon Reviewer

Great product December 2012

I saw this product on I Want That on the DIY network. I make Barbie doll furniture and have boxes of small pieces of wood that are perfectly fine to use but I had no way to cut them (haven’t had good luck with my band saw). This item it perfect for cutting those small pieces into even smaller pieces safely and easily. I absolutely love it!!

- Ms. Patricia K. Harris

Awesomely Safe May 2011

I bought two, with all the accessories and they arrived on the day I needed to cut dados in some very small rails. I was nervous because it is always dangerous to do drawer rails that way and I’ve nicked a finger
before. These things grip wood very well and are incredibly safe to use. They kept my hands completely away from the blade, made the wood slide easily, allowed me to keep pressure in all three directions to keep the wood perfectly aligned and let me plow through making the rails.

They were extremely safe, easy to assemble, easy to use and well worth the money – especially compared to the costs of losing a finger or taking a trip to the emergency room.

The GRR-RIPPER system lives up to the hype. I’m 100% satisfied and highly recommend these to anyone that uses a table saw or shaper table or pretty much any stationary bladed tool.

- C. B. Farley “DeadGuy”

If you use a table saw, buy this November 2012

I didn’t want to spend thousands extra on a SawStop saw, so I spent maybe a hundred on a couple of these instead. This is one of these ideas which seem so simple you have to ask why noone thought of it before. Made in America, this is why we should be glad of patent laws. They don’t substitute for stupid, but if you take a moment to set them up properly before each cut, they keep your hands out of the path of the blade, keep the kerf open and prevent kickback all at the same time. Duh. Buy one, preferably two and you will sleep better knowing that the chance has dropped considerably that tomorrow will be the last day you have ten fingers. That, or buy a SawStop… The one thing you will eventually do is accidentally cut through the gripper pads. It’s inevitable. But the replacement parts are cheap, and I hope they keep them so.

- Simon Turner

It is worth every dollar November 2009

I initially saw this on a “How to” video. I am not into the newest or most expensive toy. I have made a few push sticks and what have you and made do. I initially looked at this as a gimmick, but the more I looked at it, the more interested I became. This is the single BEST safety item I have purchased. It is spectacular when sawing narrow boards. It has the ability to support/push the workpiece on both sides of the blade.

I have also used this on my router. The increased safety and flexibility of this cannot be understated… Great purchase. I recommend this to my friends as a priority purchase.

- RuNuts

Great product February 2012

Micro jig is a great product. I am now able to cut 1/8” from the stock without feeling the fear of cutting my fingers.

It is definitely a nicely designed product.

Considering the safety in protecting the fingers, It is worth the money spent, a million times.

It is a must have tool in any workshop.

- Mujahid Khan “mkmd555”

Absolutely Fantastic!! May 2012

Out of all of the things I purchase from Amazon, my wife had never suggested I purchase anything until she looked over my shoulder while reading the review for this product. She immediately told me to buy it so I would not cut off my fingers on my new table saw. Who was I to argue……I wanted it anyway!! Once I got this in, I read the instructions, watched a few YouTube videos and tested it out. This thing is FANTASTIC!!! It provides such a stable base and protection when ripping lumber. Actually thinking about getting another one!! I highly recommend this product for your safety and your significant other’s piece of mind!!

- Thompson’s Guitar

Extremely Safe March 2013

This product is worth its weight in gold. Safest way I have found to rip on the table saw, and as a bonus, works great on the router table as well.

- Robsan19

Best thing to save your fingers March 2013

Great device much better than push sticks or pads for using with either table saw or router table. I use it to keep my hands and fingers away from the saw blade or router bits. I can cut small pieces without having my hands too close to the cutters. Without this device, if the blade or bit grabs the materials, your hand will get pulled into the cutter.

- D. Freeman

Work safely July 2013

I am very pleased with Gripper. Years ago I had an accident and cut a couple of fingers. Since then, it has concerned me when ripping on my tablesaw. I purchased the Gripper; it came with a video to show all the
nuances and setups; very good to view before you start working with this apparatus. It makes for confidence in making cuts that would be risky with out the Gripper. Hands are not replaceable, so best work as safe as you can. Also, I have used it with my bandsaw & jointer, it is versatile and once you get the hang of it is very simple to set it up for job at hand.

- lithophyte

The best safety device ever! April 2010

This by far is the best safety device I have ever used. It is great for making narrow cuts on your tablesaw and is easily adjustable. It seems like the price is high for a plastic tool, but it is well worth the price, especially if you value your fingers.

- H. Smith

A MUST HAVE for your table saw February 2012

The GRR-RIPPER: I’ve had several close calls on the table saw and have built countless styles of push sticks and blocks, each more elaborate than the next. Feather boards? I have dozens. The shop made safety tools are OK, but the GRR-RIPPER is the best. Out of the box, it took about 15 minutes to put together. The instructions are the clearest I’ve ever seen. “Made in USA” in bold letters. That made me proud while I was putting it together. There’s a lot of tiny (and I mean TINY) bolts, nuts, and o rings to lose, so do yourself a favor and tear the bag open over a bowl or plate. I started realizing how well made and thought out this tool was during assembly. The O rings are a great feature that more tool manufacturers should use. After assembly, I tested it out ripping strips 1/4” from the fence. It was a little strange at first, but it went smoothly with no kickback, burning or blade marks. Each rip felt more natural and gave better results. Amazing. There seems to be endless applications for this tool, but I’ve only really tried the basics. The package deal included some other attachments that I’ll try later. I have tried it on my router table and am happy to say that it works just as well as it did on the table saw. The inventors of this tool need to get a reward. I thank you and my fingers thank you.

- Gus “Gus”

I really am safe using this product November 2009

This beats any push stick I ever bought or made. I really like it for cutting thin strips of wood but I use it for all cuts where my hands would be anywhere near the saw blade.

- R. Snyder

Customizable and instills confidence July 2007

As a relatively new wood worker, of course I am going to be apprehensive making certain cuts. These grippers are great at giving you the piece of mind to do what you need to do with out making that big mistake. You always keep in your mind your safety points but this just gives you that extra boost to get your work done.

As for the customization, i don’t have a problem with that, I am not a production worker, just weekend stuff. But still cant see the adjustments taking so long that outweighs the benefits.

- drgnslyr

Outstanding innovation January 2013

This is a must have item for a woodworker. The innovation is superb. I use it at the table saw, router, and jointer. I am going to by another one so that I can use it hand over hand for longer pieces. Know that only having one of these does not serve much of a purpose for wood that has nearly as much or more wood hanging off of the table than resting on the table when you begin to push your work through the saw.

- CrossWood