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MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps –
the only clamps as free
as your creativity.

The breakthrough dovetail clamp arm design
gives you the freedom to create your own track
grooves using a dovetail router bit to clamp
virtually anywhere.

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Create clamping tracks virtually anywhere by routing dovetail grooves.

Exert versatile clamping pressure without interfering with the operation by containing the MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp head arm within the dovetail groove. It expands creative freedom to build extension fences, tables, workspaces, and personalized track systems.

Designed for creativity, engineered to work smarter.

  • Clamping Range: 0 – 5.25” (0 – 133mm)
  • Clamp Pressure: 595 lbs open at 4”
    (270 kg open at 100mm)
  • Jaw Depth: 2.375” (60mm)
  • Minimum Dovetail Slot Length: 3.75” (95mm)
  • Dovetail Profile: 0.5” by 14º
  • Reach new heights.

    No longer limited by the edge. The MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp allows for unlimited fence heights because the clamp arm seamlessly slides through the track without being limited by the arm like traditional clamps.

    Build a secure platform for your biggest projects. Extend the table saw fence height and your infeed capacity with MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps.

    The Clamps hold the fence extension securely at the ends of the table saw fence preventing bowing out.

  • Mount an outfeed extension to a table saw in seconds.

  • Quickly mount an infeed
    extension table for your table
    saw, and increase your miter
    gauge range.

  • The MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp can quickly mount work bench extensions with the dovetail profile grooved on the bottom of extension. Use dog holes to create versatile dovetail stop blocks for clamping or creating a hand plane 90-degree rest.

  • Attach a portable tool table right where you need it.

  • Bench mounting tools is quick and easy.

  • Templates for routing can be sized as needed.

  • MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps
    can be used to create your
    own saw track system.

    With the freedom and versatility of the MATCHFIT, you can slide the clamps along the track to accommodate virtually any size work piece.

  • Quickly set and secure holding fixtures, while
    clamps stay out
    of the way.

    download router table plans now!

    Download plans for this
    Router Table Pressure Jig

  • Custom fences can be made to order. This makes the most of your shop machines and time.

  • Create perfect-fitting
    dados, joinery, and
    inlays with any saw
    blade, fast.

    The all-new MATCHFIT Dado Stop, and
    Dovetail Clamps – a perfect match.


The MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps are available
for purchase today.


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