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SteelPro splitters greatly reduce
the chance of kickback and
virtually eliminate binding
and burning.

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Thin Kerf

1/8" Kerf

SteelPro 1/8" Kerf

SteelPro Thin Kerf

Automatic Kerf Keeper
Double Splitter Option
Stainless Steel Core
Drill Guide Included
Drill Bit Included
Mini-Feather Board Effect
Phenolic ZCI Use
Wood or Plastic ZCI Use
1/8" Kerf Saw Blade Range (0.118" – 0.145")
Thin Kerf Saw Blade Range (0.090" – 0.118")
ZCI Requirements (Clearance behind saw blade) At least 2" Clearance At least 2" Clearance At least 1.5" Clearance At least 1.5" Clearance