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SteelPro splitters greatly reduce
the chance of kickback and
virtually eliminate binding
and burning.

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The Wood Whisperer explains<br />
MJ SPLITTER SteelPro systems.

The Wood Whisperer explains
MJ SPLITTER SteelPro systems.

Woodworking Dude Marc Spagnuolo of The Wood Whisperer reviews the MJ SPLITTER system and the importance of using splitters on the table saw.

Marc says, “In my opinion, the simplest and most inexpensive solution is MicroJig’s MJ Splitter SteelPRO. The beauty of this system is that it works on just about any tablesaw, regardless of age or quality level.”

Watch the video Watch the video


Watch the video & READ THE INSTRUCTIONS July 2013

This is a good safety addition for older tablesaws. The istallation requires concentration and attention to get it right. Once installed it does a great job. It is one part of a three components that together take away a lot of risk:

1. Zero clearance throat insert
2. Splitter
3. Gripper Jig

All are manufactured by microjig

- lithophyte

Awesome product June 2013

Installed easy and works great. I own a few micro jig products and come to expect this from anything bought from them.

- Nathan Mumphrey

Useful device March 2011

Having personal experience with a finger injury on the table saw, I was looking for accessories that would make the process safer. I put this splitter on my saw several months ago, and have found it to be very helpful. What I especially like is that it not only acts as a splitter to prevent blade binding, but also as an after-blade feather board, pushing the piece against the fence, allowing more accurate, straighter cuts, reducing saw marks and kick-back pressure, and adding a dimension of control you don’t get when doing it by hand. Using it with a pre-cut feather board is optimal. It makes me feel much safer because I don’t have to get my hands close to the blade. This feature alone makes it well worth the cost. The set comes with extra splitter pieces for various depths of cut, and they also offer additional sets for various blade thicknesses, so you may need to acquire additional zero-clearance inserts to accommodate the different options and to allow quick change. It is a little technical/time consuming to install, but the provided instructions are very specific, and done right, it is very effective. If it helps save your fingers, my review time will have been well worth it.

- Yolanda's Master

Micro Jig 1/8″ Kerf SteelPRO MJ Splitter Kit (Blue) January 2012

I have been using these for years every time I use a plate without one I somehow manage to get kick back needlss to say I am again putting this on my saw as they say don’t use the saw without one.. This is a pain eliminator

- Kenneth

Good product March 2015

I always hated the blade guard on my Powermatic tables, so I never have really used it. Unfortunately, that means I can’t use the one safety feature I would like to use because the splitter is a part of the blade guard on my model. So I’ve muddled along carefully for years, always wary of kickback. Then along come this little gem. It’s out of the way when I need it to be out of the way and standing guard when I need it to. Best part is that really does work. I tried some controlled kick back tests and it came through like a champ.

- Machobo

Five Stars May 2015

excellent product. great customer service

- William Carey

Work more safely. February 2012

I have a 10″ Jet Table Saw, I only have 1″ to the right of the blade, and 2″ behind the blade at full cut capacity. My zero cut inserts are constructed from ½” oak laminated plywood, from any building center. There was no problem in mounting these splitters, not just one but both of them. They mount in line with the blade cut, with just 2″ behind the blade cut, at full depth capacity, there was plenty of room to mount the two. I don’t like the factory splitter, and a splitter needs to be used. These work out great, their small, inserted and are removed easily, however they can only be used when your blade is at 90 degrees,only, they do not tilt or bend. They are worth the money and I wish I saw these years ago. The size of the instruction sheet is a little over whelming, just keep in you mind what a splitter does. Installation was easy, it was a little time consuming, measure twice, drill once, you have one shot only to drill the mounting holes, other wise you need another zero cut insert. If you buy your zero cut inserts, ouch!

- Pete

Great safety addition to my T-saw April 2012

It’s not a plug and play addition, but it’s one I’m glad I went to the trouble to install. It really does a great job eliminating saw burn too. I’m not sure what the steel ones would provide over the plastic, as the plastic ones are pretty tough.

- jeff

Nice Table Saw Upgrade April 2015

Instructions were thorough and well written. Installation took about an hour with the creation of the necessary zero clearance insert. The ability to customize the splitters to the exact needed dimensions was very helpful.
I have used the saw with the splitter installed building kitchen cabinets and I have given it a very fair test. I would highly recommend this product if your saw doesn’t have a top quality splitter or riving knife. The splitter my saw was shipped with was (in my opinion) actually a safety hazard and it ended up in the trash.
The Micro Jig has made ripping and cross cutting sheet goods much more comfortable. The splitter keeps the stock held firmly against the rip fence without binding. I have also seen the same when ripping solid stock.
This simple device offers real value considering it’s cost.

- Mike Broome

Five Stars April 2015

great product

- lance nawal

Five Stars April 2015

great product

- Tomats

Five Stars May 2015

Works well.

- Bruce

Works Great September 2014

These work great with my LeeCraft Zero-clearance table saw insert for my Porter-Cable 10″ table saw. Excellent purchase for me.

- Todd Thompson

Simple is good February 2008

A table saw either comes with a useful riving knife, or a useless splitter. Most fall in the latter category. I’ve never been able to feel safe with the stock splitter, the work piece had a tendency to bind or get stuck unless I fiddled with the splitter on every cut.

There are many after market splitters, but they are usually expensive and sometimes difficult to install. The MJ splitter is a great solution. It is trivial to add it to your Zero Clearance Insert (ZCI) with the supplied instructions and jig. What I like best is that I can remove and install the splitter in about 2 seconds. I have a small block of wood mounted to the saw where I can store the splitters when using a dado blade for example. No more excuses for not putting it back afterwards!

I opted for the combo kit since I still had a Thin Kerf ripping blade from my previous saw. I use Full Kerf most of the time, but for the extra few bucks, I’ll get some more life out of the TK blade. There is no danger of confusing the splitters, the TK uses 4 pins, the FK uses 3 pins. Different colors too. Combined, there is no chance you’ll use the wrong one. The splitters have a built-in featherboard effect. It worked better than I expected, sometimes the work piece has a tendency to wander after it passes the blade, much less with these splitters.

Bear in mind that this is only a small piece of plastic. If you rip thick, long stock with lots of internal stress (e.g. a 2×10 of Southern Yellow Pine), you may want to stick a shim in the kerf. You can build your own simple splitter out of some scrap wood. There are plenty of articles available on this. But, in terms of simplicity and ease of use, it’s hard to beat the MJ.

The instructions, splitters and drill bits came in a plastic bag. A small box, even a cheap plastic one, would have been nice to keep everything organized.

- Bas

Splitter March 2012

I am very pleased with this little doo-dad! It makes for a much safer cut, and if installed using the insructions, it acts as a relatively effective “featherboard” as well as a splitter behind the blade. Be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY when installing the splitters. Also, make certain that if you are using a cordless drill/driver you have switched to the faster “drill” setting as the “driver” setting turns too slowly and may transfer too much heat up the tiny drill bit (with is included in the package.) If the bit heats up, it will damage the little plastic jig that is used to set up the splitter.

When your wood passes by the splitter, the wood is lightly pressed into the fence through the reminder of the cut. Kickback has been dramatically reduced on my old Craftsman 10″ belt drive contractor’s saw. I would not try to put this thing in the throat plate that came with your saw if you are installing on a Craftsman. Get a zero clearance insert. You won’t be sorry.

- Mort

… have used these for years and they are very good. September 2014

I have used these for years and they are very good.

- Don Weidman

Great Little Device September 2010

I just installed this device into a zero-clearance insert on my Jet hybrid saw. The saw was designed before riving knives were standard equipment on table saws. I wanted the safety of a splitter that was unobtrusive, not at all like my factory splitter/guard. With a device like that, I knew I would be more likely to use it as compared to the factory unit.

The MJ splitter turns out to be all that and more. Here are a few points and comments based on my experiences this evening installing and using the splitter:

Concept: The MJ Splitter is a simple, easy to snap in & out, sturdy device that installs into a ZCI on your table saw. It has multiple configurations. It can be set up to simply maintain a kerf, or to apply a very small force to one or both sides of a kerf. Its purpose is to enhance safety and increase accuracy without being obtrusive.

Construction: The splitter has a stainless steel core surrounded by a slippery plastic.

Inatallation: Requires care. Follow the instructions exactly. I might quibble some with the authors of the installation instructions concerning the wording and layout. There are several splitter configuration options available. The info was there, but I thought it was a little difficult to decrypt. Nevertheless, I completed the installation in about 45 minutes with very satisfactory results.

Setup: Easy to remove and install as circumstances dictate. Just pull it out of its mounting holes to remove it. Put it back in just as easily. Or just have two ZCIs – one with and one without the splitter. Adjustments are easy too: just replace the splitter with another of different offset (several are provided in 3/1000″ increments.

Limitation: Can only be used with blade at 90 degrees. It of course doesn’t tilt with the blade.

Using It: I performed lots of test rips tonight. The MJ Splitter worked beautifully. At no time did the board tend to creep away from the fence downstream of the blade. I felt that my safety and accuracy were enhanced.

Conclusion: Great product. Works just like it is supposed too.

UPDATE January 2014 – I’m happy to report that I still use this on my saw! It is unobtrusive enough to use in the vast majority of situations. Very pleased with the enhanced safety and accuracy. Recommended.

- Mark

This Kit Does Work Well March 2014

I installed the Steel Pro (Orange) Kit this morning. As others have said, read the instructions carefully and follow them. I read them over several times until I had a clear picture in my mind how to install them and why they need to be done in just a certain way.

A couple of observations –

I use a Lee Craft zero insert, which a couple of other people here had some difficulty with due to its extreme hardness. Use a high quality sharp bit. I used a brand new brad point bit. And, it still took a lot of force to drill the holes.

If there is not enough space between the rear of the blade and the edge of the insert then lower your blade to 2.5 inches or 2.0 inches high and that may give you the room for two inserts. If not, just use the one – it will still work. I have a DeWalt E748 and was able to keep my Forrest blade stabilizer by setting the blade to the 2.5 inch mark and that left room for two inserts easily. If I need to rip something higher than 2.5 inches I will simply put my DeWalt insert back in. I use the saw for furniture and I have never needed to rip anything higher than probably 2 inches.

I opted for the splitter and the kerf keeper setup as I decided to have the extra measure of safety the kerf keeper allows.

Be sure the wood platform is really clamped down onto the saw when you are ready to drill your holes. Mine platform (setup board) slipped when I started on my second set of holes and I had to realign by inserting a bit into one of the first set of holes and re-clamping. Fortunately, there was no harm done.

And lastly, GO SLOW.

I am looking at these two little things sticking out of my insert and I am thinking, “Wow, I paid forty dollars for those little gizmos?” Well, if I had a kickback and I was in the way it would be worth it. I’m 75 and not nearly as nimble as you youngsters that can hop out the way (maybe).


- Gerbil

Excellent product August 2012

Being disappointed by another product that I bought to use for a riving knife , I have been looking around for another product which would give the protection/safety that I desire when using my Unisaw.
Last week I found the Micro Jig MJ Splitter Steel PRO System w/Double Splitters and after watching the videos on YouTube I ordered one on Amazon for $25.00.
I received it yesterday and I installed it this morning.
On the videos the installation seems a little bit confusing and complex but in fact by following the step by step, it is very easy, simple and quick.

This morning I ran a few board of white oak and of poplar through the saw and I am very impressed by this simple but effective product.
I especially like the mini-feather board effect which keeps the piece being cut tight against the fence.
My only concern now is to not loose the splitters, they are small and it would be very easy the sweep them away with the saw dust.

I have used this product now for about two weeks.
It works extremely well for me especially considering its very low price compared with some much more expensive products around which do not work this well.
I now give this product 5 stars as it really exceeds my expectation.

- frenchy

Critical piece of table-saw safety December 2012

I already had a standard-kerf MJ splitter, so this went into a new insert with a new thin-kerf blade. It works flawlessly. I used the standard double-splitter installation (not the kerf keeper) and sometimes have to remove the second splitter to avoid binding. I’ve even used this when resawing reclaimed lumber and gotten outstanding results with no kickbacks (knock on wood!). Overall, this does what it’s intended to do – which is prevent material from contacting the rear of the blade – and does it well. Combined with my aftermarket fence and anti-kickback rollers and/or pushsticks, this allows me to safely and consistently make super-clean cuts.

- Utahn "sand_mama"

Does what is claimed — a good product November 2012

Really good product. Easy and pretty quick installation. But, a bit expensive considering just a few screws, drill bit and plastic. Still, a good safety addition to the shop.

- William D. Mathews

simple yet effective May 2014

this will save fingers. who would have thot something so simple would be so effective. easy to remove for dado operations etc. i should have bought this years ago.

- burl

Great Zero Clearance Splitter March 2014

Everything I expected and it does work great for ripping.
Follow the directions and everything will work for the best in your woodworking efforts.

- David Lundgaard

Great product and great setup kit with instructions August 2009

I have an old table saw(craftsman) that doesn’t have kerfs or splitters. So I bought these as I am cutting 1 3/4 oak and it was binging really bad. Well first the installation kit and instructions are out of this world. In the box is a template for installation that works great and makes installation easy. The splitters took care of my problem. Just what the doctor order. Great product.

- Greg Dickinson

Great Idea that works as advertised January 2015

Great idea and for me this has added new life to my Old BT 3000, I chose this set as I am constantly changing blades from Thin Kerf to 1/8 inch kerf blades so the combo set just made sense. The included instructions were very clear. With the jig and bit included with the kit, the installation was quick and easy.


Does the trick for me…. May 2013

It’s a simple solution that actually works as advertised. A certain store that carries wood and crafts sells it for twice as much since they sell the thin and standard type separately. I purchased mine together in one package on Amazon.


Mj Splitter Combo May 2014

Product is just as advertised. Service from Peachtree Woodworking Supply is excellent.
The price cannot be beat. This is a well made product.

- Tommy Frame

Safety and value April 2015

Nice assortment pack-hopefully will help keep me safe and be as good as a riving knife that I can’t retrofit.

- bigromo

Five Stars June 2015

After being hit hard by a kickback the splitter gives me much more confidence.

- Ron