Q: What are the advantages of using GRR-Ripper over other pushing devices?
A: Control, control, and control. Please watch the following video for further details:

  • Why Use the GRR-Ripper
  • Q: Do I need a GRR-Ripper if I have a SawStop®?
    A: Yes, here's why: The GRR-Ripper works great with the SawStop! We've used them hundreds of times on demonstrations across the country and it is a great saw. You'll still need the GRR-Ripper because you don't want to take the chance of setting off the brake cartridge and ruin a good saw blade. That could run you up to $200 in replacement cost. Also, you'll still want to control the extremely small pieces of wood without kickback. The GRR-Ripper will give you the confidence, control, and precision when it comes to these types of cuts by controlling both the keeper and off-cut piece simultaneously. In the end, we still want a straight clean cut for better projects. Plus, why even take a risk of getting a knick on your finger! Band-aids aren't very fashionable these days.

    Q: What is the difference between GR-200B and GR-200Y?
    A: They are exactly the same design and perform identical functionalities only different in color coordination. The GR-200Y has yellow handles and yellow legs. The GR-200B has black handles and black legs. The case is the same for the GR-100Y and GR-100B models.

    Q: What is the difference between the GR-100 and the GR-200?
    A: The GR-100 is our basic GRR-Ripper model that will perform many of GR-200 functions. However, the GR-200 comes with the Upgrade Kit GRAK-404 that will increase the utility of your GRR-Ripper by providing multiple levels of customizations, enhanced control over trickier materials, and effortless performance of operations that would normally be a high-level of difficulty.

    Q: How do I properly maintain my GRR-Rippers?
    A: If your GRR-Ripper's Green GRR-Rip™ pad becomes dusty, use a shop cloth and some denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) to wipe the sawdust off the non-slip pads. If your GRR-Ripper becomes very dusty then give it a GRR-Ripper bath.

    Q: Do I need the handle bridge to operate the GRR-Ripper?
    A: The MJ Handle Bridge is an enhancement accessory for the GRR-Ripper and it is not a required component to have the GRR-Ripper perform optimally. Without the bridge, you must distribute the downward pressure by adjusting the handle locations according to the position of the saw blade. With the bridge, these adjustments are not necessary. The Handle Bridge is for convenience and acts as a platform for additional accessories.

    Q: What splitters will work with the GRR-Ripper?
    A: Our entire line of MJ Splitters work incredibly well with the GRR-Ripper System. The Riving Knife will also work sufficiently with our GRR-Ripper system, as long as the Riving Knife dose not protrude over the saw blade more than one inch.

    Q: How to hold do I hold the GRR-Ripper?
    A: When holding the GRR-Ripper, place your hand closer towards the rear portion of the handle (closer to operator) so it generates a “ Pushing” force.

    Placing the hand at the mid-forward portion generates a “Pulling” force may cause the GRR-Ripper to tilt forward.

    Q: Where is the best place to put the GRR-Ripper on the stock before cutting?
    A: When using a single GRR-Ripper page, please make sure there is at least 1-4 inches from the back end of the GRR-Ripper to the back end of the board while the board and GRR-Ripper are firmly supported by the tablesaw top. When using two GRR-Rippers, please see this movie at minute 1.13 for the "Leap-Frog" hand over hand technique.

    Q: Is there a glue-in strip I can purchase if I damage the non-slip pads on my GRR-Ripper(s)?
    A: No. The legs and the non-slip pads are molded together for quality control and cannot be separated. If the non-slip pads become severely damaged, simply order a new leg. Sure is cheaper than replacing a finger! If you need replacement legs, please visit the replacements parts page.

    Q: What is the difference between the MJ Splitter and the MJ Splitter Steel Pro?
    A: The MJ Splitter (Green and Yellow) is made with 100% polycarbonate and each unit serves as a splitter and a kerf keeper under severe condition. The MJ Splitter Steel Pro is comprised of a stainless steel core, in turn making the actual splitters significantly more durable. The SteelPro model comes with a separate dedicated kerf keeper.

    Q: What is a Kerf Keeper?
    A: Without warning, wood may have internal stress and bind the saw blade by its closing kerf. The intention of a Kerf Keeper is to relieve the stress on the saw blade and distribute it to the Kerf Keeper. Essentially, the Kerf Keeper will keep the forward moving kerf open during table saw cutting operations should the saw kerf close.

    Q: Will the ZeroPlay Guide Bar fit a 1/2" miter slot?
    A: The ZeroPlay Guide Bar is designed to fit standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter slot and will not fit a 1/2" slot. However, it will fit the tricky shopsmith® and General® miter slots.

    What People Are Saying

    (GRR-Ripper It not only has made my woodworking much safer, but has allowed me to make cuts safely that I would have never even contemplated before.- Dean Bielanowski (

    The GRR-Ripper is also useful on the router table, the jointer, or any other tool where the manipulation of a piece of wood can be dangerous.- Beniot B. (Quebec, Canada)

    If you don’t have a splitter on your table saw, put down the magazine when you finish reading this review and order a Micro Jig Splitter...- Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Popular Woodworking Magazine award the MJ Splitter Best New Tool of 2004!

    We are going to use this device (GRR-Ripper) in our training workshop whenever we do stopped work on these machines.- Australlian Wood Review

    Once I learned the basics, I was convinced that the Grr-Ripper makes for a much safer cut...That is easy to do. -

    Simply put, the (MJ) splitter performed as expected and it's bound to give you better and, more important, safer cuts.- Gary Walchuck (Canadian HomeWorkshop Magazine)