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Each of our woodworking shops and dealers may carry different models and/or accessories for our products. If your favorite woodworking shop does not carry the product you are searching for, Micro Jig will honor your order directly. Please go to our Price List page for how to order.

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What People Are Saying

(GRR-Ripper It not only has made my woodworking much safer, but has allowed me to make cuts safely that I would have never even contemplated before.- Dean Bielanowski (OnlineToolReview.com)

The GRR-Ripper is also useful on the router table, the jointer, or any other tool where the manipulation of a piece of wood can be dangerous.- Beniot B. (Quebec, Canada)

If you don’t have a splitter on your table saw, put down the magazine when you finish reading this review and order a Micro Jig Splitter...- Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Woodworking Magazine award the MJ Splitter Best New Tool of 2004!

We are going to use this device (GRR-Ripper) in our training workshop whenever we do stopped work on these machines.- Australlian Wood Review

Once I learned the basics, I was convinced that the Grr-Ripper makes for a much safer cut...That is easy to do. - WoodShopDemos.com

Simply put, the (MJ) splitter performed as expected and it's bound to give you better and, more important, safer cuts.- Gary Walchuck (Canadian HomeWorkshop Magazine)