Gripper Blocks

MicroJig’s gripper block, the GRR-RIP Block, is well received among DIYers, industry craftsman and other professionals alike. When you are working with saws and gripper blocks, safety is the top-priority and the GRR-RIP Block delivers on that priority.

The GRR-RIP Block allows you to shield your hands from the blades. The block features keep you from having to push the piece with your fingers. With the deflector/connector, you can also protect yourself from debris and woodchips while also getting improved control when routing.

With gravity-powered heel hooks, the GRR-RIP Block will give you the control of your workpiece all the way to the end of the cut. Don’t need the hooks as you work mid board? That is not a problem as they retract instantly, and can be locked into those positions as well.

A common issue for gripper blocks is the gripping power. However, the GRR-RIP Block blows away the competition with their proprietary non-slip material. With a design that has pods to compress, the block gives you the power and lasts longer than most materials.

You can also use two GRR-RIP blocks to increase the power for reliable heavy-duty holding power.

If you are using the gripper block on a veneer or bandsaw, you have the ability to flip the product to the left or right 90 degrees.

Your satisfaction with the GRR-RIP Block is guaranteed. It is 100% Made in the USA.

All Microjig products including the GRR-RIP Block, can be found at as well as at major retailers such as Lowe’s, Menards, Woodcraft, Ace Tool and others. In addition, you can also purchase the GRR-RIP Block on