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Perfect fitting dados

Make perfect-fitting dados on your table saw, with any saw blade, fast.

Dado Stop Pro

Prevent crosscut kickback.

The Dado Stop can be used as a safe and effective crosscut stop. The precise 3” length allows you to accurately set the rip fence scale for repeatable, accurate cuts, fast.

Dado Stop Pro

What’s In The Box?

(1) MATCHFIT Dado Stop

(1) MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp

(1) MATCHFIT Setup Gauge

(1) Illustrated Instructions

The MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro is available for purchase today.

Tablesaw jig makes accurate dadoes with minimal setup

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE of cutting dadoes and half-lap joinery with the tablesaw is dialing in the width of the cut. What makes it tough is that you need to account for the width of the blade, and that usually takes a little trial-and-error to get right. The Matchfit dado stop from Microjig claims to simplify the process, so I gave it a try.

The jig clamps to the rip fence and has three stops. The first is set to the right side of the blade, the second is set to the left side, and the third is set using the workpiece itself to determine the dado’s width. After a quick scan of the directions, I set up for a dado cut in less than 5 minutes. The fit turned out to be slightly loose, so I tried it again with a little more care. The result the second time was about as perfect as I could hope for: a nice, tight fit that needed just a little persuasion to fully seat.

- Fine Woodworking by Michael Pekovich