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Table Saw Calibration

Table saw calibration tools for extreme precision and accurate cuts.

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Table Saw Calibration

Table saw calibration made easy.

Changing saw blades effectively changes the distance of the blade and fence, and your riving knife can get dangerously misaligned. BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims allow you to offset your blade by 0.001” increments, so you cut on the same line every time.

Alexei (Amazon)
This kit is a great way to get very accurate cuts out of a table saw when using saw blades with different kerf (width of cut). It helps maintain proper alignment with the riving knife and splitter as well.
Amazon Review
It made a notable difference in the accuracy of the cut; so much so that a few of the pieces that we used to have to hand sand to level don't need to be touched up at all.
Amazon Review
My job site saw is excellent but it needed a lot of tuning to be as precise as it could be and these shims allowed me to space my thin kerf blade perfectly with my riving knife.
Amazon Review
I didn't even know my riving knife was the reason for some inaccurate cuts until I installed a couple of these arbor shims!
Ralph Bagnall, Woodcademy TV
No more tape measures on your saw! The Arbor Shims align all your blades to cut along the same line, so you can set your rip fence scale once, and use it as it was intended. All your cuts are easier and more consistent using only one measuring device.
Table Saw Calibration

BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims (6-pack)

Table saw calibration made easy. BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims offset variation in blade thickness so every blade is on the same cut line. Combine shims to calibrate blade cut line from 0.003 - 0.045” in 0.001” increments.

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