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MATCHFIT : Dovetail Track System

MATCHFIT AP Clamp Table Bundle.

With the 1/2” 14-degree Dovetail Router Bit, you can create your own tracks, eliminating the need for expensive aluminum tracks. The package includes everything you need to create your own tracks on virtually any surface and build any jig you can imagine.

  • (4x) Dovetail Track Clamp® AP
  • (4x) X-PAD™ Attachment
  • (1x) 1/2" x 14º Dovetail Router Bit
  • (6x) 1.0" Dovetail Track Screw
  • (6x) 1.5" Dovetail Track Screw
  • (6x) 2.0" Dovetail Track Screw
  • (6x) Dovetail Track Nut
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ZeroPlay : Miter Bar System

Build accurate sleds fast.

The ZeroPlay Miter Bars takes sleds to the next level of precision. The miter bars are adjusted to fit your miter slots from above the sled, making the process as easy and precise as possible. The ZeroPlay expands to engage both edges of the miter slot along their entire length. This allows smooth operation with “zero play” side to side in a way no other miter bar can.

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