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Our Story

From a small garage to a world leader in woodworking tools.
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What we Believe

We believe that woodworking should be fun.

MICROJIG woodworking tools are designed to let creativity guide your work, not your limitations. They allow you to achieve incredible precision easily, and safely, which makes woodworking more enjoyable. We’re looking at an ancient craft in a whole new way, and we’re changing the way people work with wood.

Our Mission

To empower all people to succeed at their passions. Our goal is to make table saw injuries a thing of the past.

The Beginning

Our Story

It all started in 1998 in a small garage workshop in Orlando, FL. Founder and Inventor, Henry Wang, was hard at work on an intricate cutting board project. Faced with the challenge of cutting thin strips on a table saw, he sought to create a solution that would allow him to cut small parts safely, accurately, and repeatably.

His frustration with the inefficiency of traditional woodworking methods sparked a revolutionary new concept that would become one of the most innovative woodworking tools to come out in decades.

After thousands of engineering hours and dozens of handmade prototypes, the GRR-RIPPER was born.

In the coming years, Henry would go on to innovate more products, helping woodworkers at all skill levels do better work, more easily, and safely. MICROJIG now offers seven unique product lines, serving professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike, all over the world.

The groundbreaking pushblock system made its debut on the trade show circuit, and was met with praise, criticism, and everything in between. Now, the GRR-RIPPER is recognized as the #1 table saw accessory in the world, selling over 1,000,000 units in 20 countries (and counting!). Here at home, we continue to pursue our vision of a future without table saw injuries.

To that end, we established the Safety For Every Shop program, donating GRR-RIPPERs to every high school wood shop in the U.S. By educating and outfitting the next generation of craftsmen, we believe table saw injuries can one day be a thing of the past. Learn more about our school donation program.

What we Value

Our Culture

"My father taught me to achieve anything great requires extraordinary effort and integrity. That's why I'm so honored that we surround ourselves with people of character, professionals who go above and beyond in their work ethic, and artists and designers that brim with creativity and smarts.

We're on a mission to help all people succeed at their passions and build their dreams. That's our north star. And no matter how rough the path gets, I've found the key to longevity and fulfillment is to love what you do, love who you work with, and love who you serve."

— Bruce Wang, CEO

Grow and give back

1% for People

Beginning in 2020, we pledged to donate 1% of company revenues to humanitarian non-profits and charitable organizations. This Initiative continues to fuel our mission of empowering others to be successful at their passions by supporting those who've been afflicted by injustice, poverty, or unfortunate circumstance and make progress on their path to pursue their passions. They, too, deserve the chance to build their dreams.

Our goal is to use our giving in a focused manner by selecting the few areas and organizations that we can really make a difference with and have truly inspired us with their mission, intelligence, Initiative, and integrity. We're avoiding a shotgun approach and do not want to donate to just anyone who asks. Thank you for helping us grow so that we can continue to give back and help bring meaningful change to people's lives.

Where we're going

A future worth building.

Every day, we're working towards a world where people can express their creativity safely. We want to end the needless injuries happening with table saws and power tools when pursuing one's craft. Our team and our partners around the world are empowering others to succeed at their passions through innovation, design, and education.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to build their dreams. We want to be that ripple in the universe that helps others realize their dreams.

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Join the smartest retailers worldwide by empowering your community and shoppers with the safest, best-in-class tools. Our products are category leaders that are changing the way people work with wood and build.

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Be creative, have fun, work hard, work smarter, and save the world's hands. We believe you can build your dreams by helping enough people build theirs. The path won't be easy but it will be worth it.

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