Micro Table Saw

For those wanting to craft impeccably tapered furniture legs or other wood pieces requiring angled rip cuts, the Microdial micro table saw jig is the answer. The Microdial jig has a Rise Over Run Colormatch dial that gives you the power to adjust your taper between 0" and 2" with 1/16 of an inch intervals. Every Microdial comes with a step-by-step tapering formula so that you can get straight to your woodworking and skip doing the math on scratch paper. With the turn of a dial, you can use the Degree Scale ColorMatch knob to get exact angles that can go as low as 1/8th of a degree. The dial also allows for expansion from 0 to 10 degrees! Every measurement indicator on the Microdial micro table saw jig are locked in place and also color-coded so you can get precise cuts fast. The fully adjustable MemoryLocks let you set and lock angles, and then switch between them. This prevents the need for custom jigs that can mostly only be used once. The Microdial has overwhelmingly 4 1/2 to 5 star feedback from customers on the Microjig site and people who ordered from Amazon.com.

While the Microdial jig is revolutionary and supremely efficient on it's own, it works even better alongside the Grr-Ripper gripper. When these tools are used together, the outcome is always exquisitely tapered pieces of wood with machine-like precision. And now with the MemoryLock feature, every piece produced will be identical. Microjig products like the Microdial and GRR-Ripper are proof of the Microjig company belief that working smarter is always better than working harder.

Microjig products can be perused and purchased at Menards stores and local hardware stores all over the Midwest! You can also shop their stock and order your tools all online. Follow Microjig on social media for instructional videos and news!