Micro Taper

If you want to craft impeccably tapered wood pieces requiring angled rip cuts, use the Microdial micro taper jig. The Microdial jig includes a Rise Over Run Colormatch dial that allows you to adjust your taper between 0 and 2 inches with 1/16 of an inch intervals. Microdial micro taper jigs come with a step-by-step formula for tapering so that you can get straight to woodworking and skip doing the math for yourself. With just the turn of a dial, you can use the Degree Scale ColorMatch dial to establish exact angles that can go as low as 1/8th of a degree. The dial also lets you expand from 0 to 10 degrees. All of the measurement indicators on the Microdial jig are locked in place and also color-coded so you can get precise cuts in no time at all. Adjustable MemoryLocks let you set and lock certain angles, and then switch quickly between them. So now you don't have to build workshop jigs that can only be used one time. The Microdial micro taper jig has a majority of 4 1/2 to 5 star reviews from Microjig customers and customers who purchased from Amazon.com.

The Microdial jig may be a brilliant and revolutionary on it's own, but it works excellently alongside the Grr-Ripper gripper. When these tools are utilized in conjunction, they produce exquisitely tapered pieces of wood with machine-like precision. Microjig tools like these are proof of the company's belief that working smarter is always better than working harder.|

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