Push Blocks for Table Saw

Push blocks for table saw are one of the most important tools when working with a table saw. They assist in firmly guiding boards so that they pass through the saw with ease, and also keep your hands up and away from the running saw blade. However, most handmade push blocks for table saw, and push blocks provided by the other guys, haven't changed with the times and needs of modern woodworkers. They don't have the gripping capabilities or optimized features necessary to ensure a completely safe, no-slip experience in the shop, and as a result they require more elbow grease to operate. Thankfully, the Grr-Rip Block by Microjig is available to remove the uncertainty and hard labor from getting precise cuts quickly on your table saw. Microjig designs all of their products around the idea that working smarter is always better than working harder, and the Grr-Rip Block is a testament to that slogan.

The Grr-Rip Block includes proprietary no-slip Green Grr-Rip gripping material which is made up of  risen bumps that individually conform to the wood surface while allowing dust and debris to pass through easily. That means nothing comes between you and a sure and firm hold while sawing. A slippery grip can unnerve even the most skilled craftsman, but the Grr-Rip Block takes the fear out of the job so that all you need to focus on is your cuts. The revolutionary push block also features Smart Hooks that drop down at the tail end of your board for extra support and guidance. The hooks automatically retract mid-cut and can also be locked in their position if needed. Everything about this tool is tailor-made to be an all-in-one solution for your push block frustrations.

These push blocks for table saw and many other fine Microjig products are available for purchase and delivery online, and also at Menard's and local hardware stores across the Midwest!