Table Saw Sled

If you need to get an accurate table saw sled as easily and quickly as possible, Microjig offers the ZeroPlay miter bar. This revolutionary component comes with a handy system that takes the hassle out of building jigs which means you get down to work faster and with more confidence knowing that your miter bars aren't moving even a millimeter. The ZeroPlay's proprietary One-Touch calibration feature allows you to immediately fit to the exact space in the miter slot without any wiggle room. This miter bar uses a top-down installation system so that your table saw sled stays flush against the fence while you get your miter bar set and secure for perfectly executed cuts. That means making perfectly square crosscut jigs is a snap. Also, accommodating a long table saw sled in no problem because ZeroPlay miter bars are available for purchase in packs of two and fit easily together. ZeroPlay miter bars can fit with any standard General 350, ShopSmith and 3/4"-3/8" T-Track miter slots.

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