Woodworking Jigs

MicroJig’s woodworking jigs are well reviewed by industry craftsmen including carpenters, contractors and DIYselfers. When you are working with blades and saws it is imperative that you have the right accessories and tools for you table saw to ensure that you make precise cuts safely. Our revolutionary products and technologies ensure that your hands are safe and that your cuts are precise.

Cutting safely and consistently is an industry issue that we seek to solve. Our products were created by a fellow craftsmen and woodworker after realizing there was a better way to ensure that our hands are safe and our cuts are precise when using table saws. Our woodworking safety equipment works with jointers, table saws and router tables.

Our MICRODIAL Tapering Jig is one of the most diverse tapering jigs for table saws that you’ll find. We recommend adding one or two GRR-RIPPERS that can be attached along the edge of the jig to further promote precise cuts and safety. This tapering jig also includes ColorMatch dials which provide ease of use when setting tapers by degree or rise over run. You can quickly change between two preset angles with the built-in locking system, MemoryLocks.

All woodworking jigs  and precise woodworking safety equipment products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your woodworking jig purchase, you may return it to the warehouse for a full refund. Please see our full return policy for United States customers.  We can ship all our woodworking jig products usually within 5-7 days in the USA. For international orders, please connect with us at 407-696-6695 so that we can give you a quote.