3-In-1 Tall Fence / Jointing Sled / Tapering Jig

September 4, 2019

This one has been a clear favorite among the woodworking community.  This insanely versatile jig makes quick work of a number of processes all over the workshop.

Use it as a tall fence on the table saw, bandsaw, or router table, all with the clamps conveniently inside the material and out of your way.

Flip it over and use it as a jointing sled to clean up the edge of your stock. Similar sleds would utilize toggle clamps, screwed down in fixed locations. The intersecting dovetail tracks allow you to clamp down any size material, anywhere on the sled.

Need to cut some tapers? No problem! Just add a few simple stops with the MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware, and cut perfect, uniform tapers without breaking a sweat.

The best part is... no T-track to buy or install!

Want to build one of your own? Watch this video to learn how...

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3-In-1 Tall Fence / Jointing Sled / Tapering Jig
Morgan Hop
Wood Sorcerer
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