The Most-In-One Woodworking Station

September 24, 2020

Morgan’s Quarantine Project - The Most-In-One Woodworking Station

In March of this year (2020), like most everyone, we were blindsided by the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking every precaution, we decided to temporarily shut down Microjig headquarters, and continue working remotely. While laptops and hard drives can easily move about the cabin, heavy machinery cannot. 

Continuing to create content outside of the Microjig shop posed a challenge. Morgan needed a way to keep building projects, shooting videos and taking photos, without actually having a proper shop at home. Thus, the most-in-one woodworking station was born. 

In a modest 10’x12’ shed, Morgan built a mobile cart that incorporated nearly every essential tool and fixture for building woodworking projects. It includes a table saw, a router table, a jointer, a planer, and an assembly surface, all sharing one common top. The design relies heavily on Microjig products, specifically the MATCHFIT System - the ultimate space-saving solution. 

Despite the Florida heat and pterodactyl-sized mosquitos, Morgan completed his tiny shop buildout in just three months (between other projects). The whole build was candidly documented and posted on Instagram throughout the process. This video is a compilation of every post documenting the build from start to finish, with a final reveal at the end.

Wanna see more? Watch the video below to see the first project Morgan built on the most-in-one woodworking station.

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The Most-In-One Woodworking Station
Morgan Hop
Wood Sorcerer
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