Top 10 MATCHFIT Jigs You NEED In Your Shop

September 5, 2019

Top 10 ways you can work smarter with the MATCHFIT System TODAY!

1) All-In-One Tall Fence / Jointing Sled / Tapering Jig

This one has been a clear favorite among the woodworking community.  This insanely versatile jig makes quick work of a number of processes all over the workshop.  Use it as a tall fence on the table saw, bandsaw, or router table, with the clamps conveniently inside the material and out of your way. Flip it over and use it as a jointing sled to clean up the edge of your stock, or add hardware to use it as a tapering jig.  WATCH VIDEO

2) MATCHFIT 360 Workbench

This workbench does it all!  Clamp material anywhere on its surface without being confined to the edge, replace long clamps by using the vertical dovetail tracks, use it as outfeed or table extensions, and get better results by assembling projects on a perfectly flat surface. WATCH VIDEO

3) ZEROPLAY 360 Sled

Our most recent innovation, the ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit, combines the ease and accuracy of ZEROPLAY Miter Bars with the versatility of MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware.  This incredibly versatile table saw sled allows you to rotate and lock down the fence anywhere on the sled, secure any size material, and make repeatable cuts at any angle.  WATCH VIDEO

4) Drill Press Table

When hole uniformity is important, you need a beefed-up drill press table to ensure accuracy.  A simple auxiliary drill press table with a grid of dovetail tracks allows you to set up stops and hold-downs anywhere on the surface for repetitive drilling.  

5) Tenon Jig

Tenon jigs often require a sled that straddles the table saw fence, and toggle clamps that are screwed in a fixed location.  That may work for the project at hand, but what happens when the size or shape of your workpiece changes? Dovetail Clamps and Dovetail Hardware allow you to secure any size material anywhere on the jig for precise, repeatable tenon cuts.  

6) Auxiliary Fence

This one is a must-have!  An auxiliary fence is a versatile jig you can use just about anywhere in your workshop.  Use it on the right side of the bandsaw, extend the capacity of your router table, miter saw station, set it up as a straight edge for routing, or on a table saw sled.  The possibilities are endless. WATCH VIDEO

7) Right Angle Clamping Bar

Keeping parts square for joinery can be a headache.  Use Dovetail Clamps to secure your material at a perfect 90 degrees for flawless cabinets, drawers, picture frames, and furniture pieces.

8) Instant End-Vise

End-vises are great, but can be costly and difficult to install.  Routing a single dovetail track along the edge of your workbench gives you the functionality of an end-vise in a snap.  Clamp material for hand planing, routing, and chisel work without the time and expense of buying one.

9) Miter Saw Bench Hold-Downs

Just route a few dovetail tracks in your miter saw station to add stops and clamp material down in a snap. No T-track necessary!

10) The Humble Stop Block

Stop blocks are about as simple as it gets, but can be tricky to secure with conventional clamps.  Use them to prevent binding and kickback while crosscutting on a table saw, or set start and end points by using two blocks on the router table.

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Top 10 MATCHFIT Jigs You NEED In Your Shop
Morgan Hop
Wood Sorcerer
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