Dovetail Track Hardware® Nut 2.0 (6-pack)

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The most versatile track hardware. For jigs, fixtures, assembly, material handling and more.

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MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

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Dovetail Track Hardware® Nut 2.0 (6-pack)

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Dovetail track hardware for jigs and fixtures.

With any 1/2" x 14º dovetail router bit, you create your own Dovetail Tracks anywhere you wish, eliminating the need to buy expensive T-track. Microjig’s Dovetail Hardware is part of our MatchFit system designed to provide all the function of T-track at a fraction of the cost. Wherever you can mill a groove, you can put Dovetail Hardware.

Henry Wang, Microjig Founder

The idea of using the Dovetail profile as a track came about while founder and inventor Henry Wang was trying to attach a tall fence to his table saw. Standard c-clamps got in the way, and the only solution, it seemed, was to install T-track to secure the fence. Convinced there was a better way, Henry repurposed the classic dovetail profile as a quick, reliable means of securing jigs and fixtures without the cost of cumbersome aluminum tracks.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

The most versatile profile ever.

Create a variety of sleds, jigs and fixtures with hold downs and stops that can move freely and lock down where needed anywhere you can mill the dovetail groove.

Included in the box:
  • (6) #10-32 Dovetail Track Nuts
  • (6) #10-32 x 3/4" Panhead Screws
  • (6) #10 Steel Washers

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

Make every inch of your workshop more functional.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
Shop-Built jigs are quick and easy.
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
Make all your tools more efficient and effective.
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
Applications all over your shop.
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

Use it around your whole shop.

Over 30+ uses on table saws, router tables, jointers, and band saws.
MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

Router Tables

The Grr-ripper provides incredible command over your workpiece on the router table. Whether you’re using the fence or freehand routing, its powerful grip controls stock and protects your hands from dangerous spinning bits.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

Table Saws

The Grr-ripper was built for the table saw. It acts as a moving blade guard, shielding your hands from the saw blade through the entire cut. Right out of the box, the Grr-ripper can cut stock down to ¼” x ¼”. Because it provides three directions of control, your cuts will be cleaner and more precise.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)


The Grr-ripper’s proprietary Green Grr-rip material provides all the traction you need to properly flatten stock on the jointer. Because of its powerful grip, you can feed material over the cutter head without having to apply too much downward pressure.  The Grr-ripper makes proper face-jointing technique easy and safe.

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

Band Saws

The Grr-ripper's legs and main body maintain a constant 90-degree angle. It can be used on its side, which is ideal for resawing on band saws. The Grr-ripper glides along the table top and applies even pressure against the fence with your hands clear of the blade. Even pressure means less blade drift, resulting in smoother cuts.


MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Nut (4-pack)

Expand your MicroJig system.

No accessories available.

Got questions?

Why is the Dovetail Hardware getting stuck?

When you tighten the Dovetail Hardware into a plywood or MDF groove, the 14 degree dovetail profile wedges the plastic head of the hardware in place in the groove.

This "locks" the hardware in place so it cannot move side to side within the dovetail groove. So you can wedge a Track Screw in place, loosen the knob, and turn a cam clamp to secure stock in ways that T-Track hardware cannot.

When you are done, just press the Track Screw or Track Nut back down into the groove to 'snap' it loose and slide it to your next task.

Can I use MDF for Matchfit tables and jigs?

Good quality plywood or MDF work just fine for the MatchFit Dovetail System. Because the clamp pressure is normally directly over the clamp head in the groove, the groove is supported and the board does not tear out. There is a video showing the process here:

See the MicroJig system in action.


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Family-Owned & Operated

Established 2001.

For beginners and pros alike, Microjig is reimagining an ancient craft and changing the way you work with wood.

Build your projects with more protection, more precision, and more passion. Work safer. Work smarter.

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It all started in a garage workshop...

Henry was working on an intricate project and was challenged with cutting thin strips on a table saw. His frustration with traditional methods sparked one of the most innovative woodworking tools to come out in decades.

After countless hours and prototypes, the Grr-ripper was born. Henry has continued to innovate, and Microjig now offers multiple unique product lines all over the world.

Wood magazine
WOOD Innovate Award
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WOOD Innovate Award
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MatchFit Dovetail Clamp
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MatchFit Dovetail Clamp AP
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Safety for every shop.

Your purchases help support Microjig's safety initiative to donate Grr-rippers to every public high school with a Career Technical Woodworking Program. Our objective is to raise the standards of safety for the next generation and beyond. Thank you. Work Safer. Work Smarter.

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