With their advanced line of products, Microjigs is living up to our moto of Work Safer, Work Smarter. Rather you are looking for products to help with your home project or a pro looking to improve your safety, the Microjig products are designed with safety and ease of use in mind.

Microjigs product line features the GRR-RIPPER, MICRODIAL, GRR-RIP Block, ZEROPLAY, MJ Splitter and Matchfit – each of which are must-have’s for DIYers and professionals a like.

The GRR-RIPPER is a moving-blade-guard for your protection that gives three directions of force (downward, inward and forward) to give you the precision, control and safety. MICRODIAL is a versatile jig that helps you make taper cuts in three easy steps.

The GRR-RIP Block is the only pushblock with smart heel hooks with safety in mind, while the ZEROPLAY is a hassle-free, but accurate, miter bar solution.  Microjigs MJ Splitter was designed to help your workpiece from kicking back, binding and burning as you work with it.

MATCHFIT Clamps are a versatile solution that can allow you to create your track grooves, reach new heights as well as workbench extensions to help with your project

Every product is made in the USA, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

All Microjig products including complete systems, accessories, replacement parts and hardware, can be found at microjig.com as well as at major retailers such as Lowe’s, Menards, Woodcraft, Ace Tool and others. In addition, most Microjig products can be found on Amazon.com.