Router Table Push Block

For those looking for a router table push block, our GRR-RIP Block is a perfect solution. The made in the USA product was developed with protection, control, precision and versatility in mind.

The GRR-RIP Block allows users to superb gripping power. The proprietary grip pads are designed to give you better traction and last longer than traditional products. In addition to wood, the GRR-RIP Block can be used with solid surfaces, aluminum or even plastic.

Perhaps the biggest feature of the GRR-RIP Block when it comes to router table push blocks is the smart heel hooks. These hooks latch on to the end of the board when you need them – and retract when you don’t. That allows you to be sure your workpiece stays where you want it.

The GRR-RIP Block also allows you to work with your piece in the vertical position to help allow a straight cut from the beginning to the end and protecting your hands from the blades. As an added accessory, the deflector/connector can help protect against debris as well as bridge two GRR-RIP Blocks together for working with larger material.

Each GRR-RIP Block is fully adjustable and can also be used with table saws, jointer and band saws in addition to a router table push block.

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