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The Smart Choice for Safety.


Harness the ultimate gripping power of the only pushblock with smart heel hooks that know where to grab your workpiece.

GRR-Rip Block

Gravity powered smart heel hooks – there when you need them.

Smart hooks grab the tail end of the board to give you complete control and confidence to finish the cut. Smart Hooks automatically drop down when you need them, and instantly retract mid-board. They can also be locked into the retracted position. There when you need them – out of the way when you don’t.

Unbelievable gripping power with Podular Green GRR-RIP.

Nothing is more unnerving than a pushpad that slips and breaks down. Our proprietary non-slip Green GRR-RIP grips like magic and lasts longer than traditional non-slip materials. The podular design is made of pods that individually compress, giving you better traction than flat pushpads. The grooves allow for wood dust and debris to escape. Easily cleaned with denatured or household rubbing alcohol.

Flip it 90 degrees – to the left or right

Use the 90-degree Flip Guide for veneers and resawing on the bandsaw, or for beaded face frames and other special profiles against the router table fence. No matter which way you flip it, smart hooks still fall into place.

GRR-Rip Block

Protection you can clearly see with the Deflector/Connector

Wield improved control over your workpiece for freehand routing while keeping your hands safe. Smart hooks lock in the retracted position, keeping them away from the router bit. The Deflector/Connector protects against debris and woodchips. For extra traction, use the Deflector/Connector to bridge two GRR-RIP BLOCKs together when handling larger material like raised panel doors.


The GRR-RIP BLOCK is available for purchase today.

A quick look at the features and benefits of the GRR-RIP BLOCK.

Ralph Bagnall of Consulting Woodworker explains the benefits of using the GRR-RIP BLOCK in your workshop versus traditional pushblocks. Ralph demonstrates the unique features and versatility of the GRR-RIP BLOCK.

From DIYers to professionals alike, the GRR-RIP BLOCK is the smart choice for safety. See for yourself...

terrific safety tool - esp. for routers and shapers

These are great additions to the Micro Jig product line. I've been using the original Micro Jig 200s since they came out in 2011 and wouldn't think of working on my table saw with small pieces without them or my Incra 1000 miter jig. As safe as the 200s are, they are really designed for a table saw - they're too bulky for a router table or shaper. That's where these grip blocks come in. they are manageable enough to use on the router table for free-form contouring or handling edge cuts along the fence. As with the original Grripper, they keep the hands away from the bits and blades. I also saw on the Micro video that they can be used to "paw hold" vertical stock on the bandsaw for resawing. I prefer using resaw fences and featherboards, myself - I have found that using one of these opposite the blade from the resaw fence is better than using a push stick for certain sized boards. These are also useful on the table saw because of the convenience of the gravity-operated drop-down tail which is never in the way. These are really great safety innovations. As other reviewers have mentioned, I wonder why it took so long to invent it.

- wilsonTOP 1000 REVIEWER


Right next to hearing and sight protection. I have the GRR-RIPPR system and got these for my jointer table. They do work and I feel much better around those three spinning razor sharp blades. The automatic drop down catches are nice too. And you can lock them out of the way if you so desire. Love these!

- Rene Ramirez

Great safety device

A number of years ago, when I was first setting up my woodworking shop, I bought a GRipper 200 push block. The nicks in the push block are stark evidence of what would have happened to my fingers. I am VERY safety conscious and keep my fingers and hands as far away from spinning blades as I can. That's I was interested why when I saw that GRR-ipper had created a flat push block. I use it for my band saw (resawing), my router table (boy those bits spin fast) and of course for my table saw. I highly recommend it. And just an FYI... I use these products to keep my hands and fingers 6 inches away away from spinning blades because I don't have a table saw with a "brake". And I don't know if touching the spinning blade of that brand with one of these would trigger the braking mechanism. I'll have to ask the next time I see one of those demonstrations.

- Honest Reviewer

Fabulous function and safety!

I have been using the standard original GRR-RIPPERs on my table saw for several years now and for reasons of effectiveness and safety I consider them the most important tools in my shop. Therefore, when I saw these I thought they'd be equally good on the jointer and for certain kinds of feeds on the table saw and other tools. They are even better than expected - drastically better than standard push blocks! The green gripping surface is very secure, but it is the drop-down features that can help so much when securely pushing a board across a jointer.

- Mr. Bill

Much Safer Than Foam Blocks. Love These!

I have two of these and use them all the time on my Jointer, Router Table and Table Saw. Sometimes I use the gravity fingers to help pull the wood through and other times I use the rubber alone. I love these. I started with one and bought the second. All my other push blocks, especially those with foam are in a box in the cellar. Gone are the days where the foam gets dusty and slippery and I'm struggling to get a piece through the cutter. That is simply too dangerous!

- T. Beaulieu

Nice tool!

I like that this tool is light weight. It does a great job of gripping the material being cut. The retractable hooks are convenient if you need them, so that the material doesn't kick back on you and keeps your finger from harms way with the saw blade or router table bit.

- Jaime J. Brownell

Works great

If you own a table saw or a jointer, or a router table, this is IMO, the best safety push block!

- Ricky R. Taylor

Should have bought this sooner.

I can't believe I didn't buy one of these sooner. I've made pushblocks myself, but this one really works better. I used it to push 1x2 oak stock that I was rabbeting for front edge on a plywood shelf, much easier to keep it flat with the pushblock and the featherboards I bought with it.

- MattD88

First off, I am a big fan of the ...

First off, I am a big fan of the Microjig product line. I own two of the GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblocks, two dovetail clamps, and the Matchfit dado stop. When using my table saw or other power tools, I try to work as safely as possible and I feel that the push blocks help keep fingers and hands from blades and bits. I think I will order another one of these to help with the router table and my jointer.

- PSK Southern Arizona

More good ideas

I use several Grippers. These pushblocks for the router table are a good idea.

- D. Webster

Much more confident using the table saw with this tool.

I use this for my Bosch table saw as a hobbyist woodworker. I feel much more comfortable using the saw when with this gripper. The rubber feet do a very good job og gripping different types of wood (pine, birch and laminated wood) and the little plastic feet drop down to help push the wood through the saw. Much more confident using the table saw with this tool.

- Dan B

Great for jointer.

These work really well on my jointer.

- The Boogieman

Works really well and is stable; just be careful ...

Works really well and is stable; just be careful to avoid hitting the drop-down fingers (I have not hit them, but I can see it happening on thinner stock if I'm not careful).

- Crafter

5 stars!

I have one regret, which is I didn't order 2 of these. Excellent product !

- RealCaliforniaCowboy

Five Stars

Good product

- Michael Patton

Does what it says.

Works good.

- Robert Ber

Lots of uses for this on the saw and the ...

Lots of uses for this on the saw and the router. Ordering a second one now.

- Terry Rosene

I am very pleased. This push block keeps your hands safe and ...

This is my first purchase from this company. I am very pleased. This push block keeps your hands safe and your work firmly secured. In my opinion, I paid a high price, but I will pay that price again for similar products from Micro Jig because I don't want any nicknames like "Three-Fingered Jake" or "Uncle Stumpy."

- Big Steve from Seymour (by Gawd) Texas

Awsome for using on jointer!

Love this push block. Best thing for use on the jointer!

- Nicholas Berardi


This is the best push block that we have in the woodshop. The little grabby things that drop down on the ends are awesome. I'm the self elected safety officer of our garage workshop and I would recommend this to anyone that uses giant dangerous cutting power tools.

- J. Knight

GRR-RIP Block Manuals

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  • Deflector/Connector GRDC-020


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